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Walkthrough 1

Inside 2016 Secret Ending

One of the biggest secrets of the game is a locked door in the hopper, which the majority of players never found. It is now known that the locked door allows you to get an alternate ending Inside 2016.

And to open the door is not so easy! You have to find 14 other secrets, and then destroy 14 devices. At some locations there are many puzzles. Below you'll learn how to find all these secrets and additional ending.

Alternative ending Inside

You have to look for 14 devices and destroy them to discover the hidden ending. These devices are scattered throughout the storyline. They are hidden in a distorted space and impassable places.

Secret 1. Muddy waters

After escaping from the three dogs you need swim down to the left to find the first device. Interact with sphere to disable it and pull in the opposite direction.

Secret 2. Field studies

There are secret doors of the hopper at the far end of the cornfield. Click several times on the corresponding key to find them. The guy opens the door. Follow down and go through the red glowing hole on the left. You will find another device. In the same bunker you can find an alternative ending. You need come back here after you destroy all devices.

Secret 3.

On the farm you need to solve the puzzle with the machine. Then you take away on the roof of the barn, you will need to jump down on the cart with the dead corpses. Push the cart to the left and climb up on it. Then interact with the boards on the left wall of the shed to go inside.

Secret 4.

Solve the puzzle with a crane and a tree; push the safe. It fell through the floor. Jump down into the hole and note the ventilation grille on the left. Push the valve and enter into the passage to find a small room with the device.

Secret 5. Confusing foundation

You walk past a large billboard inside the city with marching people. Slide down the ladder to get to the next building on the right. Jump into the middle of the pipe, but not in a hurry to climb up and go down. At the bottom of the alley you look for a hidden device.

6. Secret

You will find the submarine. You will need to use the submarine on the flooded factory. You need break the wall with a crack and get to the control room, where you can open the door to the bunker. When the door is opened, then go back to the submarine and jump through it. Go right to go through the red double doors with wooden beam. Go into the sunken stairway; follow down until you see the cargo container with a strip of light. Push the container in the left side to open the passage to the device.

Solving the puzzle. Use the mind control device to solve the puzzle. Move the person layout that he was on top of the submarine. Go back to the submarine, and then jump to the mind control device over the water to connect the drone. Now go back to the control unit on the left and move to a secret drone device in the background, so he destroyed it.

Secret 7. Painting

After rescue from the floating creatures you will break through the roof. You will find yourself outside the factory. You must move to the right that you can to dive back into the water a on submarine. Instead, follow the left side!!! Destroy the pipe above the stairs. It will take a few minutes. When the rubble will fall, rise to the high ledge and destroy the device.

Secret 8. Pack Mentality

On the giant factory you get helmet of control the mind, and then go to the room with a puzzle at left bottom. Free the prisoners drone and then go back to the stairs at the wooden supports. Use drones. They open the entrance to the secret cave.

Solving the puzzle. In this cave there are many dog-killers. Take a torch and push pole. Bring a torch. The dogs will run away from you.

The Secret 9. Respite

The next object you will see the floating creature for the second time. When you open a huge round door of the safe, you jump down into the water; attract the attention of the monster. Move to the right and go under the hatch located above the red button door. When lure the creature to the right, then back to the left side and swim more to the left, to find the secret passage.

Secret 10. Incomprehensible

After you wake up in deep water, hold your breath for an indefinite period, swim up and go through the office. You must get to the giant blades. Before you swim through them, you need follow down and left. Pull both locks to open the huge bulkhead and access to the next device.

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