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Inside story (plot): what is the meaning of the game?

Inside story (plot): what is the meaning of the game?

Inside story

In this article describes what the meaning of the Inside. Who is the main character? There are a lot of spoilers.

The game does not provide definitive answers to these questions, we can only guess and speculate. Below are the most popular variants of endings.

Option 1: Creature managed the boy

For the creature understand the heap of bodies, in which the boy moves into the final part of the game. This is a form of life that has been created by other people. With this creature were created control technology zombified people, revival of dead bodies.

Outside creature not kill the former owners, but simply want freedom. Create uses telekinesis.

Thus, the protagonist has become a catalyst for the escape of Creature. This explains the attack on the boy's long-haired creatures in underwater locations - Creature wanted to "drag" it to the bottom and give the ability to breathe underwater, so it can get into the tank.

Option 2: The protagonist is zombies

You can find a trapdoor in a cornfield at the very beginning of the game. If you go down into the bunker and enter the code at the door, you get into the room, where you see a person in the back plane. He connected to the control helmet zombie of "people." His movements are repeated movement of the hero, and there are no zombies around. The control system is connected to a power outlet, and turn off the power and hero stops - just like a zombie. The game is over.

There is a theory that the main boy - bad (or too good) the result of an experiment. He escaped from an underground laboratory before the game.

Secrets are hidden very talented.

Option 3: Creature controlled by the player

Think about it - when you play the game, no one other than its developers (that is, in fact, the game itself), does not know what awaits you ahead. You simply move the plot, to perform the task. During the walkthrough Inside you never say directly what is going. It is possible, that creature control of a hero. There is not directly but indirectly. After the player. That is to say through you.

When Creating falls on the sea shore, the game selects the management and you see the final credits - you, as a boy no longer need this creature. It is free. Your mission is accomplished.

However, there is also sadder version - Creating died off a cliff. It stopped a few steps from the water.


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