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It is known the release date of The Banner Saga 2

It is known the release date of The Banner Saga 2

The suffering of the Vikings will continue in a month.

Studio Stoic has announced that The Banner Saga 2 - is the continuation of the tactical role-playing game about Vikings. They try to survive in a crumbling world. The game will be released on the PC on 19 April.

Events of the new game will start immediately after the original ending. The choice of player in the previous game will affect one of the characters will remain alive at the beginning of a new game.

The world around continues to crumble. Vikings hope on protection of the bastion. But they will to get to it. They are waiting for a lot of hard decisions. Also they need to sacrifice some of their people.

In The Banner Saga 2 will be a new animation, a new piece of music written by Austin Wintory, new strategic opportunities, new race and new heroes. But you also need to make difficult decisions, heavy battles and travel, the ability to manage the caravan.

There is a discount of 10% until the release of the game.

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