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Life is Strange: How to make ALL Photo Episode 3 – Episode 4

Instructions how to make all the images in the game Life is Strange - Episode 3: Chaos Theory

Pictures in Life is Strange (Episode 3)

Photo №1 (luminous figure)

 The figurine is in the room of Victoria, on the dresser. In case the photo fails, flashlight toy by illuminates our phone.

 Photo №2 (squirrel and crickets)

The desired frame locate in the courtyard of the hostel. As before, the animal will turn the bench. The snapshot will do if you get close enough to the squirrel before it will disperse crickets.

Photo №3 (fish)

Once you get to university, go to chemistry class. There's an aquarium near windows, turn on the lights and do a photo.


Photo №4 (a skeleton with a cigarette)

Visual advertising about the dangers of smoking take pictures in the same class of chemistry. It will stand in the far right corner of the room.

Photo №5 (Chloe at the table of Rector)

Once in the office of the rector of the University, take a picture of Chloe.

Photo №6 (Self in clothing of Rachel)

Dressed in clothing go to the bathroom and do self.

Photo №7 (Bird on the fence)

Go down to the first floor of the house of Chloe, go into the living room and open a window that next to the kitchen. Then, near the door leading to the garage of David, go to the dresser with prizes, which will sit at the top of the bird. Scare her twice, she will fly to the back yard and will be on a fence near the painted plywood. We go the bird and take photos.

Photo №8 (red truck)

Across the road opposite the diner Joyce will be necessary to us the truck. The picture will do if the answer to the question of its owner.

Photo №9 (dead birds and insects)

After we did the previous image, go left to the rear entrance of the diner. We need the composition is near the box.

Photo №10 (Chloe and William)

The last photo of the episode do in the kitchen at home Chloe took the camera (left of her).

Instructions how to make all the images in the game Life is Strange - Episode 4: Dark Room


Pictures in Life is Strange (Episode 4)

Photo №1 (Chloe at work)

Photos do in the room girlfriend while she is sitting at a computer.

Photo №2 (nest)

Go down to the first floor of the house of Chloe, go to the garage of David. There near the gate in the left corner to find the nest on boxes, covered with a board. Push it, take a picture.

Photo №3 (pile of stones)

The required object is in the left corner of the courtyard of the University, in front of the totem.

Photo №4 (two squirrels)

To do this, we speak to the cleaner sitting on the bench of the same court, about animals, in particular about  squirrels. After speaking, he threw the food on the ground, to lure one animal. Second, we engage independently, take a bagel from the cleaner. We wait until the squirrels are together and do photos.

Photo №5 (traces of Bigfoot)

Once you get into the male dormitory housing, go down the corridor to the window, where we will see the required object.

Photo №6 (dead whale)

Capture tragic moment will be on the beach, where there is Frank van.


Photo №7 (yellow bird)

The animal is in the territory of the barn of the family Prescott, on the fence on the left of the building.

Photo №8 (owl)

Bird find in the same barn, on the upper platform, where we want to reset on the instructions of the generator.

Photo №9 (Justin half-dead)

Capture fun song (see. Screenshot) can be in the toilet basin, where the party is.

Photo №10 (two moons)

Natural phenomena photograph in the same pool through the window.

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