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Life is Strange: How to make ALL Photo Episode 1 – Episode 2

Instructions how to make all the images in the game Life is Strange - Episode 1: Chrysalis

Pictures in Life is Strange (Episode 1)

Mysterious disappearances and the impending end of the world does not interfere with the main character to notice the beauty in the world, therefore, for all five episodes of the game, we will fill a personal diary diverse images. This task, in fact, is not the easiest, because in addition to finding the desired landscape or object is often required to choose and the right angle.

Photos in Life is Strange (Episode 1)

Photo №1 (the inscription on the desk)

Photos do in the class of Mr. Jefferson, the second party of the middle row.

Photo №2 (bird statue)

Go into the courtyard of the University, the desired subject is in front of our eyes. Stand in front of him face and take a picture.


Photo №3 (skateboard and a nasty fall)

 Opposite the statue of the fence is to hang out with her friends, Justin. To make a photo of fan Tony Hawk, we need answer on a question. Then ask Justin to show the trick (for example, «tre flip»), and then make the desired picture.

Photo №4 (squirrel with a can of soda)

We find the desired frame in the courtyard of the hostel, near a tree, in front of which sits on the bench Kate.

Photo №5 (SELF)

Photos do in your room, use a mirror.

Photo №6 (the middle finger)

Victoria capture a secret message can be in her room, make photos of the door.

Photo №7 (broken window)

Come from the hostel back to the yard, notice how the ball arrives on Alyssa's head. Wind off time ago and warned girl, one gets exactly the window. We approach to it and take photos.

Photo №8 (sad smiley on a dirty glass)

Once in the parking lot of the University, at the far right we find a dusty trailer, and then write on the window and take a picture.

Photo №9 (bird on a rock)

Upon arrival to the lighthouse, the desired frame will be right behind us.

Photo №10 (Chloe at sunset)

Photos do from the back of your friend, sitting on a bench near the lighthouse.

Instructions how to make all the images in the game Life is Strange - Episode 2: Out of Time


Pictures in Life is Strange (Episode 2)

Photo №1 (rabbit)

Photos animal do at the hostel in the room of Kate.

Photo №2 (squirrel with a donut)

Come out of the hostel yard, we come to the ballot box at the bench and pull out a donut bitten. Put it on the bench, get up a little further, we wait until the subject gets to the food and to reduce the distance, make the desired picture (if a squirrel runs away, use the rewind time).

Photo №3 (two whales)

Our goal - logo diner, standing on the building.  You need stand to the left of the wooden pole and take a photo.

Photo №4 (Frank and Pompidou)

We head to the back door of the same diner and then go the mesh fence and then take a picture through the bars.

Photo  №5 (inscription in the toilet)

We find the frame inside the diner, in a toilet, on the right the mirror over the sink.


Photo  №6 (school bus)

The object is situated in the center of the dump. Select the correct angle, standing next to a red hood (see. Screenshot at the beginning of the article).

Photo  №7 (deer)

The animal is standing in an open meadow that is on the left side of the bus (on the prospect of the cab). Take a photo of animals from a distance.

Photo  №8 (Chloe with a gun)

The frame you want be able to do after the heroine bored firing bottles and cars. The correct view is shown in the screenshot.

Photo  №9 (Warren and scientific experiment)

Once we get to the university, our friend asked for help from chemistry. Go the audience, we give Warren a number of wrong advice on the selection of the desired agent, and then come to the teacher and learn the required material. After a successful experiment, take a picture of the young chemist.

Photo  №10 (Alyssa near window)

Photos do in the class of Mr. Jefferson. Alyssa will be standing at the left of the window.

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