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Mafia 3: how to make money fast

Mafia 3: how to make money fast

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There are several ways to make money fast in the game "Mafia 3".
It is not easy become crime lord New Bordeaux. You need money to buy weapons and ammunition, upgrade vehicles, the purchase of new mansions. Fortunately, there are several ways to help make money fast in the "Mafia 3". Some of them are quite difficult to detect.
Note. Guide is in the working and. It will update.
How To Make Money "Mafia 3"
There are several tips. Some of them you may seem obvious:

  • Go through the storyline. For the completion of each story mission you will get a certain amount of money.
  • Capture areas. If you capture gang’s areas, you will receive a steady income from them while they are under your control.
  • Collect income. Do not forget to collect money from any of your business.
  • rob shops. Do not forget to look into the cash registers.
  • Sell cars.
  • Join the Fight Club. You can serve in the battles in the ring and earn thereby money.
  • Take part in street races. Shortly after the release of the game, this additional function will be added to the game as part of a free DLC.
  • Also, make sure that you put money in a deposit account on a regular basis. Otherwise, all cash will be lost after an unplanned death of the main hero.

There are a few tricks that will accumulate capital significantly faster.

Accumulate money

Every time when Lincoln dies, he automatically loses half of the amount that has to himself. You can use the safe in the basement of Sammy's bar and money will not disappear. Do not be lazy to go and see to the safe from time to time, especially before important mission on which you can to die.

In the shops you can pay the money directly from the safe.

Vito Scaletta - your friend

You can to call a special person in almost any location and deliver the money to him - no longer have to go home.

And when you accumulate $ 140,000, Vito will give you the opportunity to use the services of a person who will automatically go around the point under your control and credit collected money to your account.

Collect tribute

You get money from each reclaimed business. So do not forget to periodically go around and collect earned money.

Do not pay for cartridges

If you need cartridges - do not buy. You can call the machine of gun dealer.

You can not only buy new weapons, but also free to take those who have already purchased. And they will always be full of ammunition.


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