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Mafia 3: Is Joe Barbaro dead?

Mafia 3: Is Joe Barbaro dead?

Find out what happened with Joe Barbaro (the main hero of "Mafia 2"). How is connected his destiny with Lincoln Clay of the third part?

Is Joe Barbaro dead and will not appear in the game Mafia 3? We are looking through the official trailer and studying news about the game, and we found no evidence of the return of Jo. Fans of the series are discussing his fate across the whole Internet. Perhaps this is one of the most important secrets of the upcoming game. In this guide we will try to give a clear answer to this question.

Note. This page is under working, so the information will be updated later.

Is Joe Barbaro alive?

Joe was the best friend of Vito and the main hero of the previous part. At the end of the game Carlo Falcone was killed by Vito Scaletta. In the last scene we see the car of Joe goes in the other direction, and Leo says that Joe was not part of the deal. Apparently, Vito went to New Bordeaux, while Joe was considered dead.

Let's hope that close cooperation with Vito Scaletta in "Mafia 3" will give a lot more facts about Joe's fate. Perhaps Joe will return at some moment of the history. There are several theories, that Joe is the father of Lincoln Clay. Some fans argue that there is little similarity between facial features and Joe Lincoln.


Lincoln is orphan, and his parents belong to different races. So Joe can really be his father.

The second play was also associated with the plot of the first part. At some point, Vito and Joe had to kill Thomas Angelo, the main hero of the original "Mafia".

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