Metro Exodus Location All Postcards
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Metro Exodus Location All Postcards

In Metro Exodus you can find several postcards depicting local attractions of specific locations. Below we will tell where each of them is.


  • When you wake up in the hospital and talk to your doctor, go to the next room and take the postcard from the cabinet on the right.
  • The second Postcard is located in a residential building, on which you will move down with Anna. Remove the Postcard № 2 from the wall by the window (in the kitchen).

The Volga

  • One of the postcards is hidden in the church, from which you will need to escape, without raising the alarm. Get out of the room of Katya and Nastya, go down one floor, go to the other side and find the yellow stairs. Go upstairs and see the sleeping places. There is postcard on the wall.
  • Meet with the Krest, go down to his lair and find a postcard on the wall, next to the door.
  • Near the terminal, inside of which the Krest’s car is hidden (wait until you get there in the plot). It is best to first get to the trolley, open the gate and walk along the rails. Fifty meters away you will find a small building. Inside there is a workbench, and the building will be marked as a "green house" on the map. There you will find a postcard.
  • Follow the rails from Aurora to the bridge occupied by sectarians. Go down from the slope to the right, you will find a truck. There is a shelter in its back; you find a postcard on the closet.
  • When you find yourself on the bridge at the end of the chapter, you will need to move secretly. Make your way upstairs, use the elevator, and then don’t rush to go up the stairs where the enemy will be. In the room, you will find postcard on the wall near the wooden stairs (or on the mirror).


  • Once in the bunker, move through the freezers and find the electrical panel in the corridor. Turn on the light. Go through the hole below and to the left of the panel. Take a picture (the targets on the wall).
  • When you find Anna, and then in the same room, take postcard (on the wall to the left).

The Caspian

  • Upon arrival, enter the building next to the Aurora and you will find a postcard on the wall at the entrance.
  • Once on the lighthouse to Gulnara, find the postcard to the left of the doorway.
  • On a ship with slaves locked in a cage (you learn about it from Anna), enter the captain's cabin on top and find the postcard to the left of the entrance.
  • When you meet with Damir in the plot of the game, near the Water Source, go down and see a little rusty ship (its upper part) a little to the left. Enter the cabin and remove the postcard from the wall.
  • Go to the lower right corner of the map, where the tall building is located. There is a hangar to the right of this building. Go inside and find a postcard on the box in the far row.


  • Go into the courtyard and enter the building on the right to find the postcard.
  • On the territory of the children's camp, where you will first see the pirates, go down to the ditch in front of the destroyed bridge and go to the left. Go on the hill to the left to enter another building. Enter the room and remove the postcard from the side of the cabinet.
  • Once in the camp of the bandits, go to the other side, where one building is located (above). Go inside find a postcard (a room with a stove)
  • When you meet with Admiral, look for a postcard on the wall on the right side.
  • When you reunite with Alyosha, go down to the village and look for a postcard in one of the buildings on the right.

Dead city


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