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Microsoft and Nvidia presented the ray tracing for DirectX

The ray tracing for DirectX

As promised, NVIDIA announced a partnership with Microsoft to develop the perfect new DirectX API, which will support real-time ray tracing. According to commands DirectX Raytracing (DXR) – API can easily access the ray tracing on the developed hardware for graphics.

Developers using DXR API will be able to use the rendering with ray tracing in their games. Why can I use ray tracing? This technology allows to improve the quality and accuracy of the displayed scenes, creating more realistic lighting, which is extremely difficult to achieve in traditional methods.

In particular, tracing can be used to create soft shadows, surface shading, reflections and global lighting. https://youtu.be/70W2aFr5-Xk

The developers of Remedy say that the integration of the technology was straightforward and they were surprised at how quickly new lighting, reflections, shading techniques can be prototyped.

In addition to the Remedy engine, the DXR API also supports Unreal Engine 4, Unity and Frostbite.


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