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Microsoft will award for purchases in the free games

Earlier Microsoft launched a program Xbox Live Rewards, in which players receive a reward for pre-order some games. Now the company has announced the opportunity to earn Rewards Credits. It is a new type of currency, which replaced Microsoft Points.

Action FREEdom Rewards has already begun to act, and players will get credits for participation in it. Among this game - World of Tanks, Star Trek Online, DC Universe Online, Warframe and many others.

It is necessary to spend $ 30 on any free game until the end of January to get 2000 credits. Also you can get these credits if you will spend 5$ per month until the end of March. Those, who spend not less than five dollars for each of the three shareware games from the list before the end of January, can get 3000 credits.

When the account from a participant accumulates 5,000 credits, they are automatically transferred to the purse in the Microsoft Store ($ 5 in local currency for 5000 credits).

Additional awards are available for inviting friends to a number of shareware projects. Players get credits in shooter Warframe for new achievements. More details about the campaign you can find on the official blog.

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