Walkthrough Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom: Walkthrough

We offer you the Walkthrough of a colorful platformer Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom.

Walkthrough Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Skullrock Beach

Enter inside the house by pressing the «up» key. You will find a sword. Navigate through the location, jump on the key Z. Talk to his brother, who turned into a dragon. Follow further, move on the platforms, kill small and large crabs. Bend down to get on a small crab. Click on the X to attack. Small crabs are killed with one blow, large — two, blue — four. Coins or «hearts» will drop from crabs. Also do not be afraid to fall into the water, because the hero can swim.

At the next location, you can go to the Rhino shop to trade things. Follow to the right and pull the blue creature out of the barrel. There is a flower spitting fire. Buy heavy boots in the Rhino shop, equip them and sink to the bottom. Destroy 4 barrels. Follow to the left, kill enemies, and get to the surface where there is an arrow. Open the chest and get a reflective shield. Go back to the surface and change your boots to normal. Go back to the blue creature and talk to him. It will say that it is now possible to repel the attack of a fire flower with a shield. You do not need to do this: just go to the flower, and the hero will automatically reflect the fiery shell, which will destroy the target.

Walkthrough Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
Walkthrough Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Soon you will reach the boss. Destroy all the crabs, which he calls, then get the magic truffle and the first magical power — fireballs. Shoot them in the undergrowth on the right by pressing D. When you reach the water, dive down, pick heavy boots, and go right. Kill several enemies, you will find the lost note.

At the next location you will see the door behind the thickets. Climb to the top platform and pull the lever to remove the wall. If you do not have fire shells, go to the location on the right and buy them in a magic shop — 2 coins per projectile. Go back and burn the plants, then go through the door. You will find yourself on a remote island in the depth of the screen. Kill the crab and open the chest with coins, then go back, jump on the arrow.

Walkthrough Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Go to the location with a magic shop, jump onto the platform on the right so that you shoot a fireball at the lever behind the bars. You will remove the wall from the path. Follow further, kill the crabs and climb to the blue chest, use a thin wooden platform. When you stand on this, it rises and after a while it disappears. Thare is a healing potion in the chest.


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