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New trailer for FPS module Star Citizen: Star Marine was released

Developers from Cloud Imperium Games Corporation released a new trailer for FPS module Star Citizen: Star Marine showing the realistic graphics of the new generation.

The trailer shows the location at which the fight will take place - a massive space station. Two teams of fighters in the futuristic outfit are preparing for battle. You can see the group battle in the observer mode, and in the first person. Gamer can use not only a variety of automatic, but energy weapons. And this weapon can use not only in the corridors of the station, but also in space. Detailing and study facilities, physics and graphics are really impressive.

Star Marine - the new name given FPS module Star Citizen. As well as the main game, the module is in test mode. According to the developers, Star Marine - this is the most realistic implementation of fights in the first person, including a group.

A new FPS module Star Marine is now available for play on the PC in the format of public testing. In the first version of the game module will be available two maps and two game modes. The game is in the test stage, so players can face many potential problems and bugs.


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