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Nioh: walkthrough the “London prison”

Guide for prologue "London prison"

At the very beginning, you have to punch through the wall to the left to get into another cell.

Then you can go into another cell, from where you get out into the prison corridor. Most likely a guard will see you. You need run on the exit from the camera to the left, where there is a chest with a weapon. You can equip it immediately. If you do not have time - you can die and put it in the cell. This is the same system of deaths as in Dark Souls - you just start the game from the control point, and all the things selected before will remain with you. Take a sword and destroy the guard (however, there is still a chance that you will be immobilized and the guard will kill you). Select the key from the body and go to the right to the exit.

You go down the corridor to the stairs. Do not forget to open the chests - you will find pieces of the guard's armor. Go up the stairs and you will be on the wall with two opponents. One of them is a crossbowman. If you are not confident in your abilities, you can lure enemies one at a time. Carefully approach to one guard; draw attention and run back and kill him. You repeat the same with the second. Further you get into one more corridor and do not forget to inspect the room along the way to the left. There is a chest near the table.

There is another tower ladder at the end of the corridor. You go up to the next floor and examine it. You go into the room and pray at the altar. It will become your reference point. Explore the floor, kill enemies and open chests. You run into a closed door.



Return to the tower of the stairs. Go upstairs and explore the floor. You listen to the dialogue. You can through the door window. There are several chests on the floor. One is at a dead end behind boxes that can be broken. Find a tower ladder, which is opposite to the one from which they came. You go down to the floor and clean it. You approach the very closed door, which can be opened from this side. Thus, you unlock the short path to the altar.

Next, the passage will be linear before you go outside. Here the game will become more open. On the street, as soon as you go down the wooden staircase, there are two ways. If you go to the left, you will find two guards and a chest. Go to the right - you will come across even more forks. One of them is an arch to the courtyard, where there are two knights - more dangerous opponents than ordinary guards.

In total there are two types of knights - with a sword and ax. The first are not too dangerous. Just take them to the target, hold the block and try to go behind their back - a vulnerable place. You can attack in the forehead, but you have to be careful, the knights often counterattack, and they do a lot of damage. With your punches you can knock down their stamina and immobilize them.

Knights with ax are more dangerous opponents. They cause more damage and their blows are more sweeping. If you try to go to them behind their back, they will most likely ruin your endurance. Therefore, it is better to go behind the back and duck.

In the room there is an altar. If you activate it, the knights will be resurrected. In principle, if you run out of the room, you can run past them - soon they will stop trying to find you.


In this room, you can immediately go upstairs to complete the level. After you defeat the boss, all your items from the inventory will disappear, so you will not see all this weapons and armor in the future game.

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