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После просмотра вступительного видеоролика двигайтесь вперёд по тропинке. Зажмите клавишу SHIFT, чтобы перемещаться быстрее. Нажмите на клавишу J, чтобы открыть журнал. Здесь вы можете ознакомиться с основами управления:

  1. Если с предметом можно взаимодействовать, то при наведении на него курсора мыши вместо стандартной «стрелки» вы увидите «ладонь».
  2. Взаимодействовать с предметом можно при помощи клавиши E.
  3. Если вы щёлкните правой кнопкой мыши, то сможете взять в руки фотоаппарат. Интерфейс соответственно изменится. Щёлкните левой кнопкой мыши, чтобы сделать фотографию.
  4. Слева и справа есть несколько вкладок. Красная закладка слева: прочитать заметки. Жёлтая закладка справа: просмотреть фотографии.

Перейдите во вкладку с фотографиями. Здесь есть восемь снимков, но все они серого цвета. Вы должны найти такие же локации и сделать фотографии.

Идите по тропинке, пока слева не увидите здание с вывеской NEDAKRA. Подойдите к нему ближе, возьмите фотоаппарат (правая кнопка мыши) и сделайте снимок. Снимок нужно сделать такой же, как на закладке в журнале. Можете открыть журнал и взглянуть на него. Если всё сделано правильно, то внизу на экране появится надпись «SAVING PHOTO…». Ещё ниже: «фотография большой двери» (1/8).



Пройдите налево от этой двери, обойдите здание и сбоку найдите приподнятые ворота. Сфотографируйте их – это второй снимок (2/8).


Пригнитесь, нажав на CTRL, и пролезьте на территорию завода. Справа есть дверь: подойдите к ней и нажмите на клавишу E. Выйдите через дверь в дальнем углу, пройдите направо и по лестнице поднимитесь на второй этаж. Войдите в комнату слева. В дальней части стоит несколько стульев. Позади них есть проход. Выйдите и по железной платформе двигайтесь вдоль стен завода. Продолжаем прохождение Stairs на ShowGamer.com. Пройдите через комнату управления, попутно открыв две двери.

Выйдите в коридор и пройдите через дверь слева. Спускайтесь вниз по лестнице. В комнате с левой стороны найдите стол с несколькими предметами. Сфотографируйте его – это третий снимок (3/8).


Пройдите в конец коридора, сверните в дверь справа, где виднеется яркий свет. Слева на земле валяется миска с собачьим кормом. Сфотографируйте её – это четвёртый снимок (4/8).


Пройдите к окну в дальней части и сфотографируйте библию, шприц и другие предметы (пятый снимок – 5/8).


Вернитесь в коридор, идите назад и через комнату слева пройдите в главный зал завода. Сразу же посмотрите на пол с левой стороны: здесь есть рисунок из мела, напоминающий человека. Сфотографируйте (шестой снимок – 6/8).


После этого обойдите этот рисунок так, чтобы между вами и ним были сине-белые ленты. Сфотографируйте их (седьмой снимок – 7/8).


На другой стороне есть спуск в подвал: следуйте туда и найдите такую же дверь, как в дневнике. За дверью будет лестничная клетка, ведущая на несколько этажей вниз. Сфотографируйте эту приоткрытую дверь, не проходя на лестничную клетку (8/8).


Все фотоснимки готовы! Спускайтесь по лестнице в самый низ, пока не начнётся загрузка.

Walkthrough 2

Walkthrough SOMA


Simon's apartment

See introductory video.  Click the left mouse button to interact with any other material. Answer the call on the mobile phone. After this control will go completely into your hands. Use a standard set of keys - W, S, A, and D to move around the room. So, study the apartment. You can turn on the light use the switch on the wall. In various drawers and bedside tables are magazines, photographs, postcards, and other notes. Look at them, if you're interested.

Listen to the message on the answering machine, and then read the email on your computer. Send a letter of "Draft". Then go to the door of the apartment where the kitchen is located. , find a cure protagonist in the cabinet on the wall over the kitchen table. By the way, it also can be hidden in a locker located in the bathroom.


Drink a medicine by clicking the left mouse button. Incidentally, in the top drawer of the table, on which stands a laptop, there is a note from the newspaper, which talks about what happened to the main character.

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Walkthrough Pillars of Ethernity


Go to the west, we find bushes behind the wolf. Go across the bridge over the bag with water, when the fall into an ambush, then kill the enemies and go to the camp. We kill the Aboriginal. Then you will  be under the ground. We investigate possible accuracy. There is a false wall on the right side of the trap, so it is with the left side of the corridor. Go left, we reach to the cache, there is wash the face of the statue, and then insert the crystal that found at the ghoul. You have to go near the trap or through the wall to the right to get out of this level.  We find spiders near the exit. The level exit.

After roller leave the Sillant Liss, go to Veilvud. Don't hurry to join the battle, since we are still without assistants. We go on the road to the southern exit from the area. We communicate with the person who stands at the bridge. We pass into the Gilded Valley neighborhood. As we arrive, we start to take the mission, as well as information currently employ assistants.

Plea mother

We are in the house on the northwest side of the area. Woman asks to find a priestess, it should assist in making potions.

We need to go to the south Compass Anesloyga. You need find at the shore the camp, where is the sorceress. We talk to her, and then give the job. First you need go to the camp to the east of the location. It's simple. Then she ask to find spores that are located in a cave a little above the camp. We kill all within the 1st fungus and collect material. We give it to sorcerer who cook from it something. Bring this case the customer.

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Walkthrough 3

Walkthrough Fran Bow


Early in the game talk about everything with the doctor. You can choose any options. We come to the table and pick up her purse, and then click on it and read the note from mom. Take the tablets from the tray.

Chapter 1. My common sense

Click on all the hot spots. The box to the left is locked. We need to find the key. Come to the window, and click on the curtain. It will fall along with the hook, select it to yourself, look out the window. We pass to the left to the doctor and say to her:

  • How long have I been asleep?
  • Is this due to the drugs?
  • Broke curtain.

We pass over to the right and a grandmother talking to her:

  • No, I have not seen.

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Walkthrough 4

Walkthrough Stasis

Go left to the gate. Click on them. They will be opened. We pass into another room and go into the hall with the fans. We reach the end and go into another room. We pass to the unloading dock and read the information. Pass into the next compartment right above. Pass throught lullabies and beds, we get to the hospital.


Near beds find electrical shield. Click on it. Include extreme button to the right and then the extreme left. So we are connected to the network, and then turn on the scanner DOC MATE. Exit approach and go to open the scanner scanned. Then, go to the console and pick up the first aid kit. It is necessary to use the medicine. Open the menu items at the bottom left and combine syringe with medicine. The resulting injection leads to John and press LMB (left mouse button). Watch the cut-scene.
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Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Mad Max

Feral Man

Mad Max game begins with the fact that for Max hunt bad guys, and in the end, he finds himself face in the sand. Our hero took away the car, he was left without water and weapons. But he had a companion - dog.

Run across the sand to the green marker to find water. Drink, then run to the next marker to find the dog. Here you will find mechanical Chumbucket, who watched Max and says that our hero - the driver of the god. He frees the dog and offer it to stop bleeding, while Max will collect parts for buggies. Eat a little, to heal, and then go in search of spare parts - the marker.

On the way to the goal you will encounter enemies. Use the shotgun, then kill the rest of his fists. When finished with them, collect parts. Before leaving, collect two metal in the area. One - to partially burrowed blue container. Climb the hill and start to run, to jump on the container.
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Walkthrough Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Prologue. Awakening

While the credits, you can move the eye. At the request of video skipping.

Nod your head, lift your eyes up. When the doc will ask your name, then select the name. Watch the cut-scene, then select the new face of Snake.

When control passes to you, then crawl to Ishmael, stood at the door. Move on until there will be an explosion. Run in the room and lie down on the ground. Follow the corridor, avoiding the limelight. Go over to Ishmael.

In a room with several screens hide behind one of them, closer to the enemy. When the enemy will check the neighboring bed quickly crawled back to you have not noticed.
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Walkthrough Until Dawn. How to save the lives of all the characters?

How to save the lives of all the characters

The game has six several different endings. It all depends on how many characters are still alive. There is even an option when all heroes die games.

So, all there are eight friends and below you will learn how to act in any given situation, to keep them alive.


In one of the episodes of the game you have to choose who to kill - Josh and Ashley. Select: kill Josh (woman still survive, but if you make a different choice, then it will not save Chris). During the passage of the ninth chapter do not need to go to the noise, and move with the rest of the group. But even if you'll go to the noise, it is not necessary to open the door from which the sounds are heard.
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Walkthrough Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power

Walkthrough Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power

Three characters - Pontius

 The game is divided into chapters. You need to collect the yellow crystals to gain access to a specific chapter. These crystals scattered locations. When you choose a location, if it is open, you will see the number of crystals that can be collected in this chapter. If the location is closed, it indicates the number of crystals which is needed in order to open the step.

After downloading run to the right. In the background is visible track with a huge watermelon. Behind him is the first yellow triangle. Break the various objects by clicking the left mouse button. Follow the right, jump on huge sheets and collect a couple more triangles. Moving on, cutting the stems.
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