Dying Light: The Following Plot (Story, spoiler)

Immediately warn that in this mini-article will be considered the story of the game Dying Light The Following, therefore, if you do not want anything to know about it, we do not recommend to read it.

The original game Dying Light came out about a year ago, but the recent expansion has been released just two weeks ago. In the new part (let's call it so) you manage Kyle Crane, which can, in turn, drive the buggy. Scene is a suburb of Haran, the countryside with a small number of buildings. Move by car, you can ram the zombies to get to your destination more quickly and much more. Kyle goes here for the reason that he had heard someone in the suburbs found a way to treat the virus.

At the end of the game Dying Light: The Following Kyle Crane comes face to face with Mother. The mother actually turned into a reasonable zombie-like creature that can control your appetite in daylight. But if suddenly the night comes, the mother turns to the worst, a dangerous and bloodthirsty creature. This drug, which is looking for Kyle Crane, ultimately, makes people in the same monster, like a mother. Mother insists that the only way to prevent this - the victim. We must sacrifice himself, Mother, all people living in the suburbs. And now what we can do? And you have two options.

If you do not agree with the words of the Mother, and will send it to hell, the battle will begin. She'll make Kyle a drink vial of "medicine." In the final battle you will have the same capacity as that of the Mother. Destroy Mother.

If you choose to sacrifice himself that is like a good ending; the final battle with the boss will not be. You will need to follow the Mother and activate the warhead.

But there is another option. If you do want to miss an appointment with Mother, do not want to deal with her cult, and so on.  You can activate the secret ending; collect a few items the military, which are scattered suburbs. You can read more about this in our other article.

Thus, regardless of your choice made, according to the final movies, the story of Kyle Crane in Haran came to an end. Thus, we can conclude that Techland is working on a sequel with a completely new main character. Events will unfold in a different place, with the participation of the other characters. On our site you can discuss any options for the development of further developments. We will be glad to hear your opinion!


Walkthrough of the Flame in the Flood

In the game The Flame in the Flood are the single player campaign with two modes of difficulty (traveler and an expert on survival), and an endless survival mode. In this walkthrough is described the single player campaign mode.

Interface and Features

So, all the important information is displayed on your screen. In the upper left corner is a backpack with some figures. The second number indicates the maximum amount of weight that can carry the girl. The first number indicates how many items you have already collected.

Under the backpack have some weird digits. These figures point to the keys. Here you can configure the shortcut menu to any subjects.

In the upper right corner there is information on the number of traveled kilometers, the current day (in a row, from the very beginning of the game). Furthermore, there is a round blue scale - this time. If the scale is completely blue, then it is midnight. If all the black - it is noon. And then you will understand.

At the bottom of the screen, several indicators (from left to right): hunger, thirst, temperature and recreation.

In the game you'll find objects and combine them to create the right things. In our separate article will be considered all possible crafting! Do not miss!

Radio signal

Description. An old radio still works, just need to get closer to the signal source or find a hill to hear the message clearly.

Reward: drawing raft 1pc.

See introductory video. Move to the right and upward. Along the way, collect all the items that you see. To collect anything on it you need to direct your mouse and then click on the right mouse button. Go right and climb up the path. To the left is another house. There is a plate. Click on it and you can learn more about water. Around the house there are boxes - search their and you find a bank and your first ready-made filter for water purification.

Climb higher still and see the blue mailbox. Look at it - it's hiding place. The caches can be hidden objects. If items do not have, you probably have an additional task. The job will be simple and mostly related to crafting any items that you somehow will be useful in the future. Take this job.

Additionally. Basic tools

According to the instructions, you need to make a stone hammer. To make a stone hammer, it is necessary to create a stone knife and found a cloth (1 pc.), seedling (1 pc.), flint (2 pcs.). Seedling you probably already found. To create a stone knife, in turn, is required to find two flints and make braided cord. Braided Cord - one of the easiest items for crafting. For its production requires cattail growing in all the puddles. Along the way you must have been to find its.

Climb up on the raft and leave Pinewood Camp.

To control the raft, use the keys W, S, A, D. In order to accelerate, hold the SPACE key. Go with the flow and go into the first of the ten regions - peak.

Camp of Kyle Kamerrer

Dock icon will display a yellow tent. To moor, you hold down the right mouse button when the icon appears.


Tips The Flame in the Flood

In this article, we present a set of useful tips for survival in the game The Flame in the Flood.

Water - is the key to survival in the wild! Use a jar to collect rainwater and water from wells, rivers or puddles. You can use contaminated water, but beware of the consequences! Contaminated water is purified by a filter made of water.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” - said Charles Dickens. Secrets that can be found on location include a note with the tasks that will survive. Perform tasks and find useful items.

Raft-convoy. "Oh Gods, I know little, but I think that the river - Brown goddess, stubborn and indomitable." - said Thomas Eliot. Repair counter shows the status of your raft (blue scale). In order to repair or improve the raft, you should find a berth.


Firewatch Endings

Few know that the adventure game Firewatch has two endings! Yes, you heard right. It would seem that the story is finished; you can put a full stop. If you are at the end of the game will not sit down in a helicopter, but just wait a about it, you can see a completely different final this tragic history.

But what is the meaning of this ending? Forest Wyoming lights, helicopter (the only salvation) flies, Delilah has long since got out of this place ... Why Henry still decided to stay here? Frightening, leading to strange thoughts, pounding into a stupor, eerie, strange, and so on.  It is the final of the game.


Dying Light The Following Launch (beginning)

So how do you start to play, in addition to The Following Dying Light games? Many players Dying Light can never understand this question. To start a separate campaign story line supplement, you need to go to the main menu in the section "Play - The Following». You can select the save file from the original game, and complexity.

How to start the game Dying Light The Following

If the game does not start, we recommend you download one of the released patches, set a fix. First you need to walk the "Prologue". But even walked prologue addition may not start. It is best to go through the storyline of the original game and start after the walkthrough of this supplement. So you can pump your hero, because addition it seems much more difficult than the original game. You can also download saves traversed plot Dying Light 100%.


Firewatch Henry Photo

Henry is the main character of adventure game Firewatch with a touching story, which are serious topics for discussion. Originally this is a man from Boulder, Colorado.

Before the start of his fire life, Henry was completely broken. His marriage is almost destroyed, in spite of his efforts to combat and rescue. He had some problems with the law, specifically related to his alcohol addiction. In order to understand yourself, Henry flies in lonely woods of Wyoming, which is going to spend the whole summer on the lookout tower "two paths".

As the game progresses, we learn that it was removed for this position by mistake. Delilah (she is his boss, with whom he communicates throughout the game) was drunk – and admits that hired him accidentally. Despite such long distances between Delilah and Henry, they add up friendly and close relations. They constantly communicate by using radio.

So it looks like Henry?

Many players Firewatch wondering how the looks of their protagonist. So one developers of the game showed the face of Henry on his Twitter account. This did british artist named Olly Moss. In addition to the man page, you can see the other, already humorous animations associated with Henry.



Dying Light The following How to kill Behemoth (Demolisher)

ATTENTION! Here you will find the most correct and true way to kill mourners and similar opponents. In fact, kill this monster easy, if you follow our instructions.

Since the game is constantly a small amount of cartridges, you will have to use melee weapons. You can, of course, as many write, throw grenades. But you will need about 250-300 pieces!!! Is it necessary to you?

So, to start equip most serious firearms, which you just have. You have bullets. If you suddenly do not have bullets, go to the paragraph below. Shoot only the head mourner. You have to shoot in the head as long as it will carry a helmet. His helmet must sooner or later crack. If this happens before you run out of ammo, then go on to shoot his head. Now you will apply exclusively the damage on a scale of mourner’s health.

But what if you have not bullets? Everything is very simple. Run around the walls so that the enemy starts to run in your direction. At the time you need to run away from the wall. Enemy certainly not the first, so the second time to crash into the wall. At the time, he will lose orientation in space. At this time you have to attack him with a sword, a sickle, a hammer - in general, any melee weapon. Since the monster high, then the attack is necessary to jump!!!! It is very important. Otherwise you will not get up and down. Oh, and you need only to attack the head. Even if you have not taken down his helmet with firearms (out of ammo, or did not exist), you can do so using any of the sword (and so on.).

I will say this: melee weapon does even more damage than a firearm. And one more nuance. Enemy periodically throws in you pieces of concrete. Do not try to act in the same way as you do when you lured him into the wall. You will not have time to run off in any case. Therefore, it is best when the enemy lifts a piece of concrete, hide behind a box or a corner.

Finally, even if you die, mourner’s health is restored. You will continue to finish it. However, the helmet that you have time to kill, as did not appear. Well, do you still think that to kill mourners impossible?!


Guide The Flame in the Flood



Crow does not danger to you, but its croaking attracts more dangerous enemies (not always, but it happens). As soon as you notice the crow, immediately run to him and banish him by stick, press SPACE. This saves you from unplanned encounters with wolves or wild boars.


Snakes are the passive creatures. They did not attack until the scout is not goes to them close enough. Otherwise, they will not pay attention to the girl, as she does not use a torch. If you light torch, the snake will come near to you. Therefore, make sure that no snakes around before you light the torch.


Meeting with a wild boar is not always a terrible experience for you. If you have learned to dodge his attacks, then everything is fine. If the boar comes behind you, it will stop for a moment to prepare for the attack. Remember that wild boar in this game is attacking only in a straight line, therefore, simply to avoid a collision.

Wild boars can be accelerated with the help of fire (campfire or torch), and swing a stick. Later in the game you will can to kill them with a bow: you can attract boars by bait.


The wolf is the most problematic of opponents in the game. It constantly pursues a scout, and its attacks are unpredictable. You can scare him with the help of a torch and a fire. Not for long, you can scare flick staff. Later, when you have a bow, you'll be able to kill him as well as wild boar. Bring it is possible by means of bait.

Wolf’s attack leads to injury. If the injury is not treated, the infection appears.


It is the most powerful and the most dangerous of all for the life of the enemy. Bears are relatively rare substance in the game, but every encounter with them must be terminated only escape. You can try to wait as long as it does not kill another predator. Bear is very fast, you cannot scare him a torch, a bonfire or staff.

Bear’s attacks lead to injury or even immediate death.

What are the island (location)

Camp. The icon is as follows:

1 In the camp you can find a variety of resources. At least there will be one divorced fire. Once you use it, it will be possible to sleep or keep warm in the camp.



If you get to this place, you can repair your raft. In addition, you can always find fuel.



Sometimes you can find a first aid kit, but rather to make it, use bandages and alcohol. The Church also provides refuge, where you can sleep.



Here you can find all types of medical items. The hospital is also a haven where you can relax.



Here you can find a huge number of food products and collect clean water from the well.

Shed fisherman


Here you can find hooks and rods (fishing line). And you can also sleep in the barn.

Gas station


Here you look for fuel, bandages, wood and screws. In addition, at the gas station there is always a work bench (desktop). You can sleep at the gas station.

Hardware store


At least in the hardware store there is always at least one workbench. Also here you can find the items required for repairing a raft.

Liquor store


Here there are drinking water, and alcohol. You can also sleep here.

Wild land


You can find a variety of resources, but in small quantities. Here you will find a huge number of enemies. You can even meet the legendary beasts like "hardened wolf" (experienced wolf).

How to Craft (create) objects

Most of the objects you can create through your inventory. Press the key I and note the five tabs on top. You are interested in the average, the third tab. Here is a list of items. If you see a padlock around the name of the subject, it is impossible to make. Padlock disappears as soon as you collect all necessary for the creation of the subject material.

Even if the subject has a lock, you can still click on it and see a list of the necessary raw materials.

If there is no object on padlock, it may be isolated or green, or gray. Gray means that once you have had the necessary resources to craft, but now they do not exist and cannot create object. Green color means that all the necessary resources for the craft you have in stock, therefore you can create this object.

To create an item in your inventory, click on the left mouse button (if it is highlighted in green).

Bonfire and crafting

Some items can only be created with the help of fire. In addition, fire is used to ensure that the main character could keep warm. Below, we have all of the items that are created only by the fire:

* Grilled meat.

* Penicillin.

* Tea dandelion.

* Tea from sumac.

* Gas ​​bomb.

* Corn cake.

Bench and crafting

Finally, some objects can be created only on the bench. We are talking about a steel knife, a steel mallet and a leather strip.

How to improve the raft

The raft - it's the only way to travel long distances in the game. You can improve it. And it's not just about the maximum distance at which a raft could sail, but also on a variety of amenities such as on-board cooker, housing, more slots for items and cleaner water.

In order to improve the raft, you have to find the harbor. Harbor noted certain icon (look above).

Repair the raft can be by means of screws (10), wood (20) or a repair kit (40), which is made in advance!!!

In total there are seven types of modernization of the raft in the game. To update the parts of the raft, you need circuit that can only be purchased during the voyage on a raft or study. Also, certain equipment will be needed.

How to hunt for rabbits

Rabbits - the only creatures in the game, which do not harm to scout. They even benefit because they are a source of protein (meal) and the skin (which is used for the craft) and can also be used as bait.

In order to get the benefit, you must first catch the rabbit. Used or snare or trap box.

Go to craft items and move to snare. You will learn what resources are needed for its production. In principle, there is nothing complex here. Therefore, always keep with you one or two traps (snare). After creating a snare, select it in your inventory and place on the ground. Get out of here for a while. Be sure that in the next few seconds rabbit necessarily fall into the trap.

Rabbit caught by using bow, will be dead. You can use it as food, bait for wild boar, as well as use the skin to make other items.

Trap in a box may be manufactured in craft menu. Set it on the ground to catch the rabbit. Rabbit caught by this method will be alive. Living rabbit can be used as bait for wolf.

How to create a trap for wolves

One of the fastest ways to kill a wolf - training properly trap. Traps with a spear will require you a large amount of resources. Draw a wolf trap by using bait fish (caught in the previous section of a rabbit). Traps will kill the beast, and you will be able to tear off his skin and meat.

Wolf should fall into the very trap. It cannot be activated remotely. This is the most effective trap in the game. It can be used to kill wolves and to kill wild boars. Traps can hurt an experienced wolf or bear. Experimental wolf can then finish off with a bow.


Walkthrough of the Walking Dead Michonne Episode 1 Intoo Deep

Walkthrough of the Walking Dead Michonne Episode 1

At great depths

Cut the bushes on the keys A and D, and then click the left mouse button to open the door. Then kill some zombies, by clicking on the button shown on the screen. The battle will be long. Load the cartridge into the gun and decide - "let go" (fire) or "stay" (not shoot). Anyway, Michonne will not kill himself. Watch the introductory video.

In 3 weeks. Boat

Answer Pete about nightmares. Pete remembers your answer. Agree to help Pete to rescue the girl. Pete will remember your choice. Now you will need to tune into a radio wave. There are two toggle switches. First, turn the left switch regulating interference. Turn it clockwise until it stops. After this the switch is no longer active. Next, turn the right switch counter-clockwise so that the pointer was located almost next to the division of "16". You will hear a girl's voice. Ask where she is.

When you will find yourself at the top, you need select Mobjack in a conversation with Pete, which the girl said you. Pete will give you a flashlight and binoculars. Go to the starboard side. In the nearest hotspot, you can use the binoculars. Walk down the board and use a flashlight to look down. In a conversation with one of the crew members make the choice. He will remember it.

Help Ouk and Siddik with sails. In a conversation with Ouk choose phrases at the expense of Pete. Oak remember your answer. Stand in the bow of the ship and look at the coastline. Use binoculars, which will need to bring in the old rusty steam. You can use the flashlight on the left side, but in water you will not find anything. Come to Pete and talk to him, to tell about the ferry. Accept the fact that you need to explore the ferry in search of spare parts.

Choose the answer in a conversation with Ouk. Ouk remembers it. Swim to the ferry, talk to Pete. Pete remembers your phrase with respect to nursing Michonne. Kill the zombies, and then click on shore. Climb the ladder on a ferry or through the porthole. In this walkthrough – on the ladder. Hold the W to climb up and then press the Q few times to help Pete get up to you.


Look around on the deck. Go to plan of ferry Mobjack (on the wall). Look at it, then look in the box below and take the valve. Look at the blue door to the left and apply the fittings to the window in the door. Make your choice - pushes its arm over the door or Michonne, or Pete. If it will make you, then down your hand, hold key S. With Pete push the door.

Examine the corpse of a man. Take a look at his bound hands, and then on the head with a bullet. Go down and kill the walking dead at the entrance to the cafe. Cut the rope that holds a hand of monster. Talk to Pete, who will remember your answer. Open the door, hold the key W.

Examine the contents of a sports bag - cigarettes, canned food, medicine and ammunition. You can then walk around the room. Look in cash - the money in place, but do they need someone at this time? Under the counter, where there is a cash register, get a jar of candy.

Put it in a sport bag. Go ahead and see overturned vending machine near the far wall. Kick it three times, fell to a chocolate bar. Go on and find the fruit drink on the table. Put it in the bag. Finally, at the same counter, but already in the foreground, find packing plaster (bandage). Put it in a bag and. Only then you will hear a knock from the cabinet. Kill all the zombies. Then you can grab a bag or release the girl - it does not matter. Soon you will catch all the bandits.

Camp Rules and Randall

Talk to Randall. He remembers the first phrase. Answer about the battle with those who can offer resistance. Randall will remember it.

Talk with Norma. Norma notices this. After talking with her you will be in captivity. Look bags, cigarettes, life jackets and first aid kit ahead. Only then you can see familiar toys to the left of the box. Take a look at one of the toys, and then rotate the view all the way to the right to see the children. Talk to them.

Try to escape along with Samantha, but nothing it is unsuccessful. Michonne goes to the Norma. Tell her that she does not trust the people. You tell the truth, but it will sound unconvincing for Norma. Say only met Samantha. When Greg will go then tell them you lied. Greg will remember. Talk with Greg alone. Tell that not all people are like that. Greg will remember.

Tell Pete that is useless to speak to them. Randall will remember it. Talk to Zachary and tell him that he should not be like Randall. Zachary will remember it. After Randall and Zachary leave, and Greg will be injured, look to the right, on a broken mirror. Click on it to cut the collar, hold your hands. Hold down the left mouse button and move it up and down. Lift the shirt on the left of Greg, put the wounded guy and apply on his shirt.

When Greg appeal, then take away screwdriver from the red railing on the right and hit on the guy's head. Do not let Sam kill Zachary. In this series will be completed.




Гайд The Flame in the Flood



Ворон сам по себе не представляет угрозы для вас, но его карканье привлекает более опасных противников (не всегда, но бывает). Как только вы заметите ворона, немедленно подбегите к нему и прогоните его посохом, нажимая на SPACE. Это избавит вас от внеплановых встреч с волками или кабанами.


Змеи, как правило, пассивные существа. Они не нападают, пока скаут не подойдёт к ним достаточно близко. В противном случае они не будут обращать внимания на девочку, пока она не использует факел. Если вы подожжёте факел, то змеи начнут приближаться к вам. Посему убедитесь, что вокруг нет змей прежде, чем зажигать факел.


Встреча с кабаном не всегда представляет для вас ужасный опыт. Если вы научились уворачиваться от его нападений, то всё нормально. Если кабан идёт позади вас, то он остановится на мгновение, чтобы подготовиться к нападению. Помните, что кабаны в этой игре атакую исключительно по прямой линии, посему достаточно просто избежать столкновения.

Кабанов можно прогнать при помощи огня (костра или факела), а также размахивая посохом. Позже в игре вы сожжете убивать их при помощи лука: привлечь хряков можно приманкой.

Если кабан всё-таки попадёт по вам, то наверняка это приведёт к поломке костей.


Волк является наиболее проблемным противников в игре. Он постоянно преследует скаута, а его атаки непредсказуемы. Вы можете напугать его при помощи факела и костра. Ненадолго отпугнуть можно взмахом посоха. Позже, когда у вас появится лук, вы его сможете убивать так же, как и кабана. Привлечь его можно при помощи приманки.

Атака волка приводит к травмам. Если эти травмы не лечить, то появится инфекция.


Самый мощный и из всех самый опасный для жизни противник. Медведи относительно редкие существа, встречающиеся в игре, но каждая встреча с ними должна заканчиваться исключительно побегом. Можно попробовать подождать, пока его не убьёт другой хищник. Медведь очень быстр, вы не сможете напугать его факелом, костром или посохом.

Атаки медведя приводят к травмам или даже немедленной смерти.

Какие бывают острова (локации)

Лагерь. Значок следующий:

1 В лагере вы можете найти различные ресурсы. По крайней мере, здесь будет один разведённый костёр. После того, как вы воспользуетесь им, можно будет спать или согреться в данном лагере.



Если вы доберётесь до этого места, то сможете отремонтировать ваш плот. Кроме того, здесь всегда можно найти топливо.



Иногда здесь можно найти аптечку, а точнее изготовить её, используя бинты и алкоголь (спирт). Церковь также даёт убежище, где можно будет поспать.



Здесь можно найти все виды медицинских предметов. Больница является и убежищем, где можно отдохнуть.



Здесь можно найти огромное количество продовольственных продуктов и набрать из колодца чистую воду.

Сарай рыбака


Здесь можно отыскать крючки и удочки (леску). В сарае также можно и поспать.



Здесь вы отыщите топливо, бинты, дерево и винты. Кроме того, на заправке всегда есть верстак (рабочий стол). На заправке можно спать.

Строительный магазин


По крайней мере, в строительном магазине всегда есть хотя бы один верстак. Также здесь можно найти предметы, необходимые для ремонтирования плота.

Ликёроводочный магазин


Здесь есть и питьевая вода, и алкоголь (спирт). Можно использовать в качестве убежища для сна.

Дикая местность


Можно найти самые разнообразные ресурсы, но в небольших количествах. Здесь вы встретите огромное количество противников. Можно даже встретить легендарных зверей типа «Матёрого волка» (опытного волка).

Как крафтить (создавать) предметы

Большинство предметов вы можете создать через ваш инвентарь. Нажмите на клавишу I и обратите внимание на пять вкладок сверху. Вас интересует средняя, третья вкладка. Здесь будет список предметов. Если вы видите замочек около названия предмета, то его смастерить нельзя. Замочек исчезнет сразу, как только вы соберёте все необходимые для создания этого предмета материалы.

Даже если на предмете есть замочек, вы всё равно можете щёлкнуть по нему и увидеть список необходимого сырья.

Если же на предмете нет замочка, то он может быть выделен или зелёным, или серым цветом. Серый цвет означает, что когда-то у вас уже были необходимые ресурсы для крафта, но сейчас они отсутствуют и создать предмет нельзя. Зелёный цвет означает, что все необходимые ресурсы для крафта у вас в наличии, посему вы можете создать данный предмет.

Чтобы создать предмет в инвентаре, щёлкните по нему левой кнопкой мыши (если он выделен зелёным цветом).

Костёр и крафтинг

Некоторые предметы можно создать только при помощи костра. Помимо этого костёр используется для того, чтобы главная героиня могла согреться. Ниже мы привели все предметы, которые создаются только у костра:

  • Жареное мясо.
  • Пенициллин.
  • Чай из одуванчика.
  • Чай из сумаха.
  • Газовая бомба.
  • Кукурузный торт.

Верстак и крафтинг

Наконец, некоторые предметы можно создать только на верстаке. Речь идёт о стальном ноже, стальном молотке и кожаной полоске.

Как улучшить плот

Плот – это единственный способ преодолевать большие расстояния в игре. Вы можете улучшать его. И речь идёт не только о максимальном расстоянии, на которое плот может уплыть, но ещё и о различных удобствах, таких как бортовая плитка, жильё, больше слотов для предметов и очистителе воды.

Чтобы улучшить плот, вы должны отыскать гавань. Гавань отмечается определённым значком (ищите выше).

Отремонтировать плот можно при помощи винтов (+10), дерева (+20) или ремонтного комплекта (+40), которые производится заранее!!!

Всего есть семь типов модернизации плота в игре. Чтобы обновить отдельные части плота, вам понадобятся схемы, которые можно приобрести только во время плавания на плоту или изучения. Также нужно будет определённое оборудование.

Как охотиться на кроликов

Кролики – единственные существа в игре, которые не несут какого-либо вреда скауту. Они даже приносят пользу, поскольку являются источником белка (пищи) и шкуры (которая используется для крафта), а также могут быть использованы в качестве приманки.

Для того чтобы получить выгоду, кролика сначала нужно поймать. Используется или силок, или коробка-ловушка.

Перейдите в меню крафта предметов и наведите на силок. Вы узнаете, какие ресурсы нужны для его изготовления. В принципе, ничего сложного здесь нет. Посему всегда держите при себе одну-две ловушки (силка). После создания силка выберите его в вашем инвентаре и установите на землю. Уйдите отсюда на некоторое время. Будьте уверены, что в ближайшие секунды кролик обязательно попадёт в ловушку.

Кролик, пойманный при помощи силка, будет мёртвым. Использовать его можно как пищу, приманку для кабана, а также использовать шкуру для изготовления других предметов.

Ловушка в виде коробки может быть изготовлена в крафт-меню. Установите её на землю, чтобы поймать кролика. Кролик, пойманный данным способом, будет живым. Живого кролика можно использовать в качестве приманки для волка.

Как создать ловушку для волка

Один из самых быстрых способов убить волка – подготовка правильной ловушки. Ловушка с копьём потребует от вас большого количества ресурсов. Привлеките к ловушке волка, используя живца (пойманного в предыдущем разделе живого кролика). Ловушка убьёт зверя, а вы сможете содрать с него шкуру и мясо.

Волк должен попасть в саму ловушку. Она не может быть активирована дистанционно. Это наиболее эффективная ловушка в игре. Её можно использовать как для уничтожения волков, так и для убийства кабанов. Ловушка может ранить опытного волка или медведя. Опытного волка можно будет после этого добить при помощи лука.