Walkthruogh UNRAVEL

Chapter 1. Thistle and weeds, Jarni

As soon as you start a new game, you will see the opening cut-scene: grandmother views family photos and smiles. Finally, there is the main character of the game, created from the red yarn. His name Jarni. The adventure begins!

At the beginning of the game you are introduced to the basics of management. You have to learn all about the family grandmother. Move forward and jump to take a look at the photo frame, which you can see and begin the first chapter of "thistle and weeds."

Thistle and weeds

After the cut scene you will find yourself outside of the house and start acquaintance with the environment. After a few steps forward, suddenly yarn ends. Do not worry. In the first chapter, you just learn everything about the game mechanics. Throw a rope to capture additional thread. So the hero yourself recover.

In the next part you will need to solve the puzzle by moving the objects to go forward. Pull back the pot, and then follow on, jump two pots. Next important ability is that throwing a lasso, you can swing on it. When the hook will shine, then throw a lasso.

You will see the memory of the boy in the garden. Now it will be with you forever. Climb the luminous branches with leaves, where you will find a challenge. We need to jump forward, then, when the hook glistens, throw a lasso to catch on and do not fall down. Swung to the other side and jump to the ledge. Next will be the next innovation in gameplay mechanics. You can build a bridge from the yarn between the two branches. Tie a rope to one and to the other branches. Now climb the rope, hold the key and jump like on a trampoline.

Do exactly the same bridge above. Next task is complicated. You have to throw a lasso on one branch, to climb up to it and tie a knot. Go down and climb up to the next branch. There's just tie a knot. Swing on the lasso, and jump to the newly created bridge. With it, jump up to the top where you will find another piece of additional yarn.

Checkpoint 1

Go down to the bottom. Go right to the ledge. Tie a rope to a hook on it and go upstairs, as if the mountain. Follow the below and you will see a hole. Jump forward in a pit, but have time to throw the rope on the hook. Character hangs on a rope, which pulls down a piece of wood. This will open a pipe through which water will go into the pit. You have to stand on an apple on it to float to the top.

If apple is far from the ledge to the right, then push it in the water. But be careful: Jarni can be in the water about five seconds. When will take to the ledge, then follow the right. Jump over several steps, climb on the structure and throw a rope to a hook. Pull the piece of wood to lower the chair. Climb up on the right edge of the chair and drop to the bottom. On the left you will see a yarns. The path blocked by weeds. On one of the weeds have luminous spots. Throw to the rope and pull it to the right side. Weeds have to lean to the right. Take a skein of thread.

Checkpoint 2

Go right from the bottom, to a large barrel. Push some weeds and find a secret button. Go back, go up on a chair and jump on the nearest window sill. There is another window sill on the right. There are the bell at the top between them. You have to run up, jump and cling to the rope of the bell. Let go of the rope, to reach the right on the window sill. Then jump on the sunflowers forward. Upstairs you will find a skein of yarn.

Checkpoint 3

Go down, pull the weeds to make a children's tricycle. On it also has an active point for the rope. You need to hook and pull the bike right. Pull all the way, until it crashes into a wooden gate. Climb up the bike and pull the handle on the gate. On the bike you will roll down outside the court. Climb the tree stump and collect yarn skeins.

Checkpoint 4

At the top of the branches there are a few points for clues. Jump and throw a rope to the nearest. Be sure to tie a rope to a branch! Jump to the right, as it should, swinging, and throw a rope to another branch. Again tie it. It will turn the bridge of yarn. Climb on it and hook on a different branch. Take the second bridge, but first tie a rope to a branch. Jump to the right, cling to some branches and swing. It is not necessary to create a bridge.

Go right. In the background is a new memory of a boy sitting by the tree house. Walk a little to the right, throw a rope to the weed, and pull to the left. At the bottom will pass. Drop down and find the skein.

Checkpoint 5

Go down below and encounter a large cube with the letter B. Go through the right side of the sandbox and see the children swings. Tear weed bottom, around the middle of the swing. Swings will fall to the left. You can try to run up and up, but will drop down swing. So you will not achieve anything!

Go left through a sandbox. In the sandbox has a hook. Another hook is in the earth left. Connect the rope between the two hooks, necessarily tied it and there and there. Now drag for a cube in the sandbox, use the resulting yarn from Bridge. Place the cube on the left swings. Climb up and jump to the ledge.

Follow the right and you will see at the top of the tire swing. There is a hook. Climb the rope by tying a hook, and then begin to swing sideways. Jump to the ledge on the right and climb through a window. Here you will find another skein.

Checkpoint 6

Note that there are three points (Hook) .Go down and tie a rope to a hook in the land. Next, tie a rope to a hook on a ledge on the right. Climb above, jump to the right, which can be seen at the top of another hook. Again, tie a rope. You should have a long bridge. On this bridge up drag for a square jar out of tea or something else. Push it to the wall on the right, with its help jump up and go down. You will see a video about first chapter of Unravel.




In the prologue you will learn the story of the main character by the name of Henry. While you can choose any options history. As for other activities, read the description below.

Pick up the backpack from the floor of the elevator by clicking the left mouse button. Come out of the elevator, go up to the truck and sit in it. For all the action, use the left mouse button. When you will need to go through the forest. In order to overcome the log, go to it and press the SPACE key. Climb the tower "Two Paths", open the door and turn on the light by pressing the switch on the right side. Answer by Delilah radio. To answer it, hold down the left SHIFT, scroll wheel mouse on the answer that you want, then release the left SHIFT. During the game you can chat as you want.

Walkthrough  Firewatch ShowGamer.com to start from day one.

Day 1

After the start the first time, talk to Delilah. Go to the map in the center of the room and tell that you see it. Delilah tell you that this is renderer fire.

Then she noticed something. Take the compass by pressing the key N. Turn the compass so as to look towards the letter W - west. You should see smoke and fireworks. Tell Delilah, that you see it. Finish the conversation. Delilah will ask to deal with violators. But first you need to find a rope in the box DL 306.

Exit through the door and climb down the stairs. Remove the card by pressing M. Automatically with a map will appear compass . Zoom in by holding down the right mouse button. Do you see the inscription on the map 306 CACHE? You need to go there.


Periodically glance at the map, follow this place. A red icon on the map - it's Henry. The icon has an arrow indicating which way you look now. Navigate to be easy!

Now move to the northwest, along the path. When you find a box DL 306, enter the code 1234 to open it. To do this, change the digits by turning the mouse wheel. When select the correct number, then press the key D to move to the selection of the next digit. At the end you need to be pressed again to D. Take the rope and copy the information from the card, on the lid of the chest. There will be a note - you can just read it, and you can take home with them, holding the key E.

When you get to the slope (clay landslide), which you can not go down, attach a rope to the hook and start toe. This place will be called "clay landslide." Continue to follow the path until you get to a fire camp.


Take away all the discarded cans of beer, a bottle of whiskey and fireworks. Extinguish the fire, and then continue to move forward. Go on things.

After meeting with the girls on the lake, and communicating with them (communication by the radio, select the phrase in its sole discretion), return to the location Two Forks Lookout (tower "Two Paths"). You have several routes through which you can go. But you can not follow the same road as the rope, if you remember, was cut short. Therefore, go east to Thunder Gulch (Thunder Canyon, you can see signpost near the lake), take of the box 303 flashlight (you can activate it on the F key), and after you walk through the cave 452. From here you can follow the trail to the south. The road leads to the tower itself, "Two Paths".

Day 2

Your first goal of the second day - move to bring down the telephone lines to the north of Thunder Gulch. You will return back to the canyon on the same path, which you get home at the end of the first day (see above - through the cave 452). Use a compass and a map, make sure that you need to move to the north. Then go down the path until you walk through the cave 452. Continue north only along the path until you notice a pole with wires. Follow the wires and poles, while on the sides are not able to see the scattered cans of beer. This trail will lead you to the next goal - a post with the cut cable.

After talking with Delilah you need to find teenagers. From here go down the other path, leaving the north and west. On the path should be scattered cans of beer. Do not forget to collect them. Along the way you have to find a backpack on the tree.


Inside there are ropes and other necessary gear, which you will enjoy the end of summer. By the way, there is also a camera. To use it, click on the button C. Grab a backpack, and then continue to go to the cash-box 241, to which you want to go down the slopes of the two, use a rope. Do not forget to copy your card the received information. Take and note.

Now look around. You should see the smoke in the sky above the mountain. Describe smoke Delilah. She will say that you should check and find the source.

Go straight to the south until you reach Thunder Gulch. You can jump over a ravine to get across the gorge, and then go to the west, where it will be described at the beginning of the first day of Landslide (well, the place where you first went down the rope). Attach the hook with a rope to a beam that now you can go through this area in any direction. In principle, so you can easily get to the tower "Two Paths" shorter route.

After walk through this place, use a rope with a hook to go down the hill. Follow the path that goes south and leads to cache Boxing 309 (search it and copy the information on the card). It just move along the path that leads straight to the source of the smoke - to the creek Five Mile. Follow the creek. Right and left are cans of beer. You can see a piece of cloth on the tree.

From the waterfall move to the right, between two high cliffs. There will be a camp.


Once you find the source, then inspect all and talk with Delilah. The most important thing - to examine the torn tent, you will find a note on a frame. Read the note. You know what happened here.

Day 3

To find boards that are needed to repair the window, climb down and look at the base. Walk on the location. You look for more and more boards than you need. Take what you can, and then go up and stab the broken window. Finish the conversation with Delilah.

Day 9

The ninth day is not such a difficult, therefore our help you do not need. Enjoy socializing with Delilah, answer questions as you want.

Day 15

Just like the previous day, the help is not required. You do not need help.

Day 33

At the 33 day you need to perform a few hikes. Go north to get supplies to the location called "Supply region of Thorofare." Take the map to find your exact location, and then go along the path to the north until you find the cash box 241. Take extraction and copy the card information (if you have not done it before). Continue to move on until you find the delivery. You can take whatever you want. But still you is only the average posting. The password for the mailbox - 1234 Report everything Delilah. The day will be completed.

Day 64

Again, this is a day of talks with Delilah, you can say what you want to do. Call the fire the way you want.

Day 76

Move from the beam, which is tied to a rope with a hook to get to the lake Jonesy. There is tablet with records on the stone. Look at him, hold the right mouse button. You will automatically talk to Delilah. You will hear strange noises. Go to the side of Thunder Gulch. After you go on a log, look at his feet and pick up the walkie-talkie. Suddenly something happens ...

When you're done, then go along the lake, as if skirting it counterclockwise. You have to find the cache box 305. Copy the map and read the note to Ron and Dave. Password is the same - 1234. Follow the path from the lake up to the location "Elk Meadow." When you reach a fence with a locked gate, try to open them a few times.

Your card will be updated and will be a new location: Camp fire south of Ruby River. You should see the fire in the side. Use the map to plan your route. You can go to the south, as we do, until you are at Thunder Gulch and then go east to go through the cave and 452 back to the main location, the tower "Two Paths".

Look south and you will see huge clouds of smoke. This great fire that you can see during a night of conversation with Delilah previous day (on the walkthrough).

From here, go south to cross the river Ruby on stones in the water and find the cache box 307. Here, refresh the map and read the next note to Dave. You can even go around and check the cache-box 308, although at the moment it can not be opened. Be sure to copy the information to the map of the two boxes, and then go in the direction of the old Scout camp in the lower right corner of the map.


The bridge leading to the camp is broken. Stand with your back to it, go to the right along the cliff. Somewhere nearby is open, from which you can jump. Will be displayed the command.

Jump down and go to the camp. There are some old shelters. In one of the shelters on the wall hangs a leaflet about a missing person. If you walk between the middle and the left cover, you will see a tree. There is the axin the tree.


Next to the tree, which was an ax, there are fields with logs. Walk through the meadow to the left. There are thickets, through which you can make his way, use ax found.

Use the map to find very thin ravine that goes to the north-east. Follow there, to the north-east until you see the damaged wood. Cut it down to something fell down, and then back to the other side of the narrow gorge. You must return to the Elk Meadows. But to finish the day, you just have to finish the conversation with Delilah, which will last a few minutes. So on meadow can not even go after talk will begin with Delilah.



The principle of the game

At the beginning of the walkthrough explain the principle of the game. You control the Assassin in the two-dimensional mode. You are free to do whatever you want, except for a few moments. Each part is divided into several segments. Depending on how you pass one or another segment, you assign a rating - gold, silver or bronze.

But you can pass the segment may by way of "Shadows", "Neutralizer" or "Assassin". What does it all mean? Path "Shadows" - you do not get caught the eye of enemies, you will not notice, and you do not touch anyone. "Neutralizer": in this case, you do not kill enemies and stun them. Sneak up to him quietly and hold down the left mouse button to stun. "Assassin" - you kill all the enemies. Path "Shadows", in fact, means that no one will notice you, and therefore the rating is only "Gold".

Now go on. Before the start of the mission and in the pause, you can see a list of collectible items: chests and fragments of the Animus. All of these items are shown on your card!!! The same can be said about the tasks of the extra facilities. During the course of the game to open the map and see the M key, which is the next thing. An exclamation mark on a dark background is the main goal of the game. An exclamation point on a white background is the additional goal of the game. Typically there are two additional purposes or three.

Finally, under the additional tasks have inscriptions such as "Improving Health - 4200".., Etc. What does it mean? If you type for this chapter of 4200 points or more, the scale of your health will be improved. To score maximum points, you have to pass all sections of the game on the same path - Assassin, Shadow or Neutralizer.

So, here is the walkthrough of the road of "Shadows"!

Part 1. Sunset dynasty

As additional task you have to steal secret documents from the Templars. Total there are three documents. Collectible items are also available. Just periodically keep an eye on the map and you will find them all! Anyway, the number of points at the end of the game, they do not influence, so in our walkthrough of Assassin's Creed Chronicles Russia their location can’t be described.

As for the improvements, the 1500 score you will increase the stock of health, but for 3000 points accelerate the process of stealing anything from the enemy.

Sneak through the depot

Move to the right, go down the red rope and go forward. You can steal the enemy crept up behind him and hold the key C. Climb up the ledges on the building and jump to the stairs to the right and go on the balcony over the enemies. First segment - "Shadow: Gold."

Follow the right and you will see an enemy who is looking in your direction. Press the "2" to select a gun. Aim on F (need to hold) and shoot the lights by pressing the key G. While distracted enemy go down. Press on G to work around two opponents in front. Assassin uses a winch and hangs under the balcony. You can make this only where there are red beams. Keep this in mind in the future! Climb to the right and jump over enemies by pressing the key C. Climb up to the next balcony. The second section - "Shadow: Gold."

Run to the other side of the red beam in the foreground of the screen. Enter the building and call. You will distract the enemy below. Go right, pick the lock, hold the key C. Shoot winch in red object on the right, and then click several times on the Space. Lift up. Go rise to it and press the button to go down. Quickly run up to the table to the left and hold CTRL. So you stoop and hide from the enemy. When the words "investigation" at the top of the screen disappear, follow the enemy and hold down the left mouse button. So you neutralize it.

Go to the wall to the left, shoot a winch in the bars and break it. Get outside and go up the red pillar. Jump up the stairs to the right and select the top of the building. Hide behind the green pipe, press the W. You can navigate between the cover, press on D. Do this when the enemy turns away. Hide behind the last refuge wait when the enemy turns away. Then leave the shelter on the S key, run up close to the enemy and go down on the beam, on the front wall of the building, without touching the opponent. The third segment - "Shadow: Gold."

Run across the roof, move to the other side and the right side will see the sleeping enemy. He periodically looks at the other opponent. When he once again looks and turns away quickly sneak up and steal documents from Sony on additional task (1/3).

Go down the tram. Run to the right side of it and get down. Soon the tram will stop.

Go through the checkpoint building

Climb to the roof and go right. The fourth segment - "Shadow: Gold."

To the right is the enemy who is constantly looking at the screen. Stand near the post and select the whistle by pressing the "1". Hold the F key, and then move the mouse to enlarge the circle. Make it so that in the circle and was a soldier on top. Then click on G to whistle. So you distract the enemy. Quickly go down to the ledges, run to the other and climb into the building through the window, which is looked at an abstract enemy. Steal smoke grenades by sleeping soldier.

Go down through the other window, jump to the right, up the stairs at. Climb up and see the enemy. It is time to apply the smoke grenade. Throw a grenade up, quickly go up and jump to the right. The fifth segment - "Shadow: Gold."

To get to the other side of the bridge

Follow the instructions on the roof of the building into the screen, drop down and go away for boats to the bridge. Climb a little higher and stop. Let the soldiers come out of the room. When the soldiers that will patrol over you will go to the right, go up and follow him quickly. Climb the stairs above. Walk to the edge and tighten the platform to your with the help of winches. Just jump on it. On the other side, go right and you will see two enemies who look up and down. When the enemy will turn the head down, go down and go left. There are three opponents, which you have done. But at the extreme left of them have documents on the additional task. When the far right enemy looks to the right and turns away, then run up to him and go down the ledges below the bridge. Under the bridge will be splinter of the Animus. Climb to the left and go up a little higher. Do not climb on the bridge itself! It is necessary to keep the tabs in the left part. Wait, when a soldier with the documents (and you can see him by using the map) go left and is almost upon you. He looks down, but do not notice you because you are to the left. As soon as he don’t looks down and begins to go right, climb, run up close to him squatting and start steal (hold C). Assassin will automatically follow. Then, turn around and wait for the enemy to the left stop to look in your direction. Immediately after that, run back to the slope under the bridge and return to the right.

Go to the enemy, he looks up and down. When he looks down, then climb up to the top. Wait. When the far enemy looks down, then you jump with a running start to him. Throw a smoke and run past. Climb up to the train. So you get the "Shadow: Gold." Even now, if you did everything on the walkthrough, you will raise the level of health. Drive by tram to the right and select the top of the building.

Eliminate the soldiers on the roof

Go to the red box, and then click in C, to aim. Zoom in sight, hold the key F. Shoot on key G to kill four enemies, and then more two. The first of them look out of hiding left the enemy. Go right, go to the roof, and you can search the dead enemies. There will be a fragment of the Animus.

Go right and learn about mine. Go down by using the red column. Hide behind the right green cover. When the enemy will pass it in the direction of the mines, then select and sneak behind him. Because this enemy has a magnetic card, the mine did not explode. By the way, you can steal the card. When you move the enemy, then immediately go up to the red column to the right of mine. Jump to the right. You again get the rank of "The Shadow: Gold" for the sixth segment.

Clean the way to the house of Ipatiev

There are two conversing enemy to the right. Sneak to the left and steal his documents (3/3). There is also a splinter on the right. But we do not write about them, decide for you, take them or not take. Climb up to the balcony and the overrun on the other side of the beam. In the end, you will find yourself at the final home.

Stand on the firing position, and shoot the lights to the right of the two enemies on the roof. Overrun by the beam on the roof, because now you will not notice the enemies. There is a staircase down on the right. Below you can see the mines. To the left of mine have two enemies which patrol the building by different routes. When near the enemy will go to the right and then go down to the ground, go to the left and hide in a niche. Wait. You must wait until the enemy comes near to a niche and will go right. Far enemy must first enter into the building, a few seconds to go out and just come to the niche. When he starts to go to the left, then sneak behind him and steal the magnetic key. Quickly run back into the niche. Hide in it, move to the far right.

When the enemy will come to the right niche, exit it and go right. Climb the stairs to the nearest window. You will find yourself in a small room with a telephone. Wait, when the enemy will approach from below under the window. Then, when he had just left starts to leave, call to distract the enemy in the next room. Get out through the window, run to the right and go up the stairs between the two mines. There is the enemy on the bottom right. He looks down, then up. When he will turn head down (only lowers!!!), then jump through the column to the right on the wall. Climb to the right and climb through the window into the building. It must be done before the enemy will hang up the phone and will come to the window to look down. If you do not have time, then go back to the phone and call again. Anyway, in the last window you will remain out on the balcony.

The account for the level is 3400.

Thus, you will open both improve.




Thus, the walkthrough of Dying Light The Following should start with the prologue of the original game. The head is called "Awakening".

In this chapter, you appear in an unfamiliar room. Get out into the corridor and talk to the soldier. Go to the back of the floor and up the stairs to the floor above. Enter the door on the other hand, go to the boss's room and talk to him. He is Rahim.

At the request of Rahim go to the specified location. The soldier passes you and you will find yourself on the thirteenth floor. Go down to the elevator. Find in this site the survivor. Notify Rahim again talk to Mark. He will ask to bring him alcohol and gauze. There is crafting in the game. So that alcohol and gauze make it possible to create a first-aid kit. On the floor now has a few selected areas. In them you can find a variety of items. Somewhere just yet and will be alcohol and gauze. In the refrigerator get alcohol - this is alcohol. In the bathroom, inside the wall cupboard is gauze. All this in two different places.

By the way, if the selected site is no longer any items to craft, the yellow jacket disappears.

Go back to Rahim, talk to him. Find clothes in the specified location. All clothes from supplements can be used anywhere, but not in the prologue. Climb into two tiers above and exit to the roof. You need explore the elements of parkour. In general, you'll soon be able to start walkthrough the official supplement.

Developers advise to start the game character twelfth level. If you do not have one, you can take a few story missions of the original game, or to pump the character by going directly to the battle with the monsters.

The Way out

You will find yourself in the sewers, where you need to find a way to the unexplored area called Haran. Follow down on stairs and go through the cave. Soon you will be on the surface. The exit on the surface is high in the mountains. Now we have to do donw gently to the city. When suddenly get stuck and find yourself in a dead end, from where you can take a look at the waterfall, then jump into the water. Do not hesitate!

Move to land and go to the group of survivors. Talk with their ringleader, located in the white building. It is on the left side of the aisle in the camp. Next, talk to a trader, whose name Kaan. On this first mission is complete!

Kaan & Abel

So, you need information that is at Kaan. You need transportation. Next buggy is on a farm in the neighborhood. Follow there. All enemies that are on the way, you can even just get around. But you can kill. Use observation tower near the closed area and descend on a rope on the roof of the building.

Go inside the building, use the open window. Go down and kill the enemy near the machine. Hop into the buggy and chase away. When you have groups, inform Kaan that you have transport.

Gaining Credence

Kaan leaves the camp. So you have to make sure that all its residents have come to trust you. And here you are given the first task, you need to restore the supply of drinking water.

Get in the buggy and drive in the direction of the pumping station. There will be several opponents. But this time you have to deal with them face to face. Follow the specified location from the rear and gently kill enemies one by one.

After cleaning the area, you will hear the cries of the main building. Make your way to the second floor, use a balcony. Come to this door and see the last bandit. Kill him and help the needy. During three minutes, you need to find the main valve. Find it easily - enough to move along the tube. Hop into the buggy and go to the right place.

You find yourself near a small building. Inside there is a flooded basement. Just did the basement and located your desired valve. After your work, return to Jasir, leader of the commune. Report about successful completion of the mission.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Eliminating all the problems at the pumping station did not help. This time you have to get the trust of the patrons of the community who call themselves Faceless. Now, in the game there is a system of ranks. It shows you the level of trust Faceless. To increase this level you have to pass a variety of side missions to help all people and make safe zones in different parts of the map. The current mission you have to go to a mechanic named Bilal. Then after a certain time to meet with representatives Faceless.

The Gathering

When the confidence level will be increased, then Faceless will offer you to become a participant in the meeting in the temple. The temple is called the "Eye of the Sun" and it will have to go to far. Therefore better to jump into his buggy. Upon arrival, you will see the ritual. Now you have to help farmers. A few minutes after the meeting, you will have to take an army map that will have Jasir.


In this task of Faceless you need to study the phenomenon on the farm. Follow the specified location and you will see a blue misty field. Go to the location and check the boxes of war with some cargo. Follow to the faceless, to report on the findings.

You re-directed to a study of the area. At this time you need to explore the cave. Upon arrival, go deeper and see the killed soldiers. Inspect the two bodies Faceless, and then go to the mobile army headquarters. The door to it is the back of the trailer truck. Examine the contents of the military boxes.

The Old Man and the Sea

Again is a new job from Faceless. You must help the ethnographer Attila, who lives in a large estate near the seaside. Follow to a destination and look the entrance into the building. To do this, go through the backyard and look to find a wooden platform, which comes in a dilapidated state. The platform leads to the cave.

In the cave, look for the stairs and go to the basement. Unlock the door and follow to the left. Break the boxes from the doorway. Move the wardrobe and you will find yourself in the house. Attila sits inside the premises, which is located on the second tier of the estate. Next you need to restore the supply of electricity in the house. All repairs make on a small limited area. It is adjacent to the main gate to the mansion. There's still a huge zombie walks in SWAT armor. To begin repair a cable that is broken (WARNING!) In two places!!! The first gap you can find on the second floor inside the white house made of bricks. See the screenshot below!



The second cable break is near the tower. Here is another screenshot!


After the cable is repaired, connect the electricity. There are three panel responsible for the supply of electricity. The first plate is located on a pole near the entrance to the area. The second panel is located on the tower. The third panel is located inside of the barn from bricks. Note in the barn that is the generator and no shield! After performing this operation, go back for a reward to Attila.

Unfinished Story

Then Attila asks you to explore the three holy places. It is best to first go to the nearest house of the ethnographer. It is located on the top of the mountain. When they reached the place, climb up and check the picture on the rocks. The second was a sacred place located on the mountain, but a part of the cliff, where the image you want, fell into the water. Dive into the water and sink to the bottom. It is necessary to dive anywhere and look across the area, marked on the mini-map. Make it easy enough!

The third holy place is located at the specified point. Search not need anything: just go there and look at the drawing. When all three images will be studied, you will have to go to the Sun Temple. Located on top of the Temple Mount, but there is much more difficult to climb. Go the top, find the pattern in which there is a bloody knife. Next, go down the small hole, which is located nearby. Take the red mask, which lies on the corpse. It must be attributed to Attila. This quest will be completed.

Stupid Fate

When you contact Faceless, you'll need to go back in the house of Attila. Find the quest giver's office and see a closed door. Nearby there is a note - please read it. Go down into the cave through which you first came to the house of Attila. Look for Attila there and take the mask. Go back to the office, take a book lying on the table, and bring it Jasir.

At The End of The Tunnel

Faceless tell you that the stock of grain are guys Raisa. Do you remember the villain in the original game? Go to the destination. Climb up onto the platform and climb even higher on the ladder adjacent. Then use the other stairs, which is on the other side. See the screenshot below!


At the top you will kill all the enemies on the platform, and then kill all those who will. Find missing Faceless in one of the rooms where will come the bandits (it is located near the stairs). Talk to him, and follow the lighthouse.

Find the first open window and climb inside the building. Climb above. You need get out and climb the wall of the building. We need to find another open window and climb inside. Repeat these steps until you go to the top. Here begins the final episode of storyline additions The Following.

Lighthouse is destroyed, and opponents are moving in your direction. Kill them all, find a small box about Kaan. From the box, remove the three blue capsules. Jump into your buggy and drive in the direction of the dam, on what not distracted. Use springboards. You have about five minutes, which is enough. At the end of the road you will have to climb to the top of the dam.

Climb carefully, beacause the whole path will begin anew. When you go the top, you will need to follow the thin tube to get to the dam itself. And here is a screenshot!



So, here you have to take a moral choice. The following describes one of the possible endings. Find the mother and go to her room. Here you have to activate the bomb. Or do not activate? In general, decide for yourself!




This is the second video game adaptation of titles Yoshiki Tanaka The Heroic Legend of Arslan and Omega Force. All characters and visual effects based on the anime released in 2015.

The producer of the game is Shigeto Nakadai, and the director - Tomohiko Aoki. Nakadai noted that he, Koinuma and Aoki are fans of this novels. Koinuma went up to him to make this project with Aoki. Game's development began around the same time as the production of the television series. Nakadai did not know about the show, and when he learned about it for the first time, he was very surprised. He apologizes for the delay and hopes that the quality of the game surprised awaiting its gamers.





Use the mouse to control the review of the protagonist. The keys W, S, A, D responsible for the movement of the character. Left mouse button - to interact with objects. Jump - Space key. Press the CTRL key to jump. To open the inventory, press the I or B. Turn the flashlight – the button F. Press the ESC key to pause the game and enter the menu.

After the introductory movie go forward, turn right, get down and crawl under the rubble. There will be a new task.

Find Gravedigger

Move all the way forward until you see the front of the locked gate. By the way, to activate the flashlight, open the inventory, click on the flashlight left mouse button and select the phrase "Equip". So, when you see locked gates, then turn left, make a few steps and turn right into the building. Go to the wounded man and talk to him. This is the Gravedigger.

Prepare elixir for Gravedigger

Man tells you that he needs an elixir. To prepare it, you need one plant and a water bottle. There are two bottles of water on the table. You can pick them up at once. Also on the table is a plate (paper support) which is used for recording. Go back to the territory of the cemetery and find a plant that has been shown in the instructions. Open the inventory, select a bottle of water and click on the command "Combine". Click on the plant. You will get the elixir. By the way, you can also use it to treat his character.

Go back to the gravedigger and talk to him. You can talk to him if you have an elixir in your inventory. Follow him. Gravedigger will open the gate. Go through them in another part of the cemetery. Beware of monsters with a flashlight. Hide in the bushes; keep quiet, if a monster nearby. Go the first right, get the elevator and the task is updated.

Run generator to activate elevator









Прохождение 3

Прохождение Layers of Fear





Итак, как только к вам перейдёт управление, начинайте осматриваться. Для передвижения используйте клавиши W, S, A, D. Левая кнопка мыши – взаимодействовать с объектами. Правая кнопка мыши – приближать объекты, которые вы берёте в руки. Чтобы ускориться, зажмите и удерживайте клавишу Shift.

Подойдите к двери впереди, наведите белую точку по центру экрана на ручку двери и зажмите левую кнопку мыши. Так вы ухватитесь за дверь. Теперь отодвиньте мышку в левую сторону, чтобы открыть дверь. На первом этаже есть несколько дверей. Дверь справа ведёт на кухню. На кухне есть дверь в кладовку. Дверь слева, на которой есть следы от краски и записка, пока что заперта. За ней находится мастерская художника, но пока что в неё попасть вы не можете.

Дверь около мастерской ведёт в подвал. В конце подвала есть ещё одна дверь, но она заперта. Наконец, есть ещё одна дверь, ведущая в ванную комнату. В прихожей, в холле и в других помещениях вы можете открывать тумбочки, изучать разные записки. Делать это, как бы необязательно, но желательно, если вы хотите узнать о художнике как можно больше информации.

Поднимитесь по ступенькам в холле на второй этаж. Здесь стоит рояль. Можете поиграть на нём. После нескольких нажатий на клавиши рояль закроется. На втором этаже есть кабинет, из которого донесётся шум. Пройдите в него. Слева в кабинете ещё стоят полки с книжками. Подойдите к столу впереди и найдите на нём помимо записки нужный вам ключ. Щёлкните по ключу, чтобы подобрать его. О наличии какого-либо предмета в инвентаре свидетельствует его изображение в правом нижнем углу экрана.

Кроме кабинета, на втором этаже есть две запертые двери, детская комната и ещё одно помещение. Можете изучить их. Спускайтесь обратно на первый этаж и откройте ключом дверь со следами от краски и запиской. Пройдите в мастерскую. Изучите здесь всё. В конце концов, потяните за простыню на мольберте, чтобы взглянуть на картину. Произойдёт нечто зловещее.

Эпизод 1. Холст

Выходите из мастерской художника, и вы увидите, что оказались в совершенно другом месте. Пройдите через дверь впереди, чтобы попасть в незнакомую комнату.


Подойдите к приоткрытому окну и прочитайте надпись на заборе за ним. Вскоре окно захлопнется. Вернитесь к двери, через которую вы пришли, откройте её и увидите совершенно иной коридор. Следуйте по коридору с вращающимся вентилем у потолка, пока не окажетесь у другой двери. Откройте дверь и войдите в кабинет со столом, шкафами и картинами на стене. С левой стороны, чуть дальше стола есть тумба с небольшим сундуком. На сундуке висит замок. Нужно ввести трёхзначный код. Подойдите к стене напротив сундука, сверните налево, к ближайшему углу, и зажгите три свечи у стены. На трёх картинах вы увидите цифры кода – 5, 4, 8. Введите эти цифры на замке и откройте сундук.

Внутри вы найдёте кольцо. Осмотрите его, прочитайте надписи на крышке сундука.


Пройдите через дверь, которая появилась между бюстами двух мужчин, напротив стола. Идите по коридору и войдите в комнату с камином и двумя креслами. Подойдите к картине, висящей на стене напротив. К этой картине должна быть прикреплена кукла мальчика. Как только вы посмотрите на неё, то провалитесь вниз, в подвал.

Подойдите к бочке со свечой, сверните от неё налево и двигайтесь вперёд, к стене. На стене должен быть выключатель. Щёлкните по нему, чтобы включить свет в подвале. Посмотрите на картины сзади. Далее поднимайтесь наверх по ступенькам и потяните за рычаг на стене. Пройдите обратно в комнату с камином и двумя креслами.

Пройдите через дверь слева, двигайтесь по коридору с картинами, пока одна из них не упадёт. Переверните её и найдёте эскиз с изображением жены главного героя. После нескольких воспоминаний пройдите через ближайшую дверь. Подойдите к картине над горящим камином. Та исказится. Обернитесь и, если ещё не закрыли игру от испуга, пройдите через ту же самую дверь.

Вы попадёте в светлое помещение с креслами, цветами и другими предметами интерьера.


Следуйте через дверь справа, идите по коридору, сверните налево и пройдите через дверь. Следуйте по подсобке со шкафами, войдите на кухню. Дверь с кухни заперта. Осмотрите всё вокруг, картину на стене. Во второй раз подойдите к запертой двери, свет должен погаснуть. Вернитесь к картине и посмотрите на неё. Заберите кусок кожи. Он окажется у вас в инвентаре. Вернитесь через ту же самую дверь и окажетесь в комнате с мольбертом. Щёлкните по нему, чтобы изменить картину. Вы увидите двух фламинго.


Эпизод 2. Краска

Пройдите через две двери, отодвиньте решётку и войдите в лифт. Обязательно закройте за собой решётку и потяните рычаг вправо. Лифт поднимется наверх.

Выйдите из лифта, осмотрите две двери по левую сторону, одну по правую и одну в конце коридора. Всё будет заперто. Вернитесь к самой первой двери и увидите, что она теперь приоткрыта. Пройдите в комнату и с тумбы заберите ключ. Прочитайте и записку, лежащую здесь же. Выйдите из комнаты, войдите в помещение напротив. Вы увидите картину женщины за роялем. Осмотрите ноты и услышите воспоминания художника.

Вернитесь в коридор и идите налево. Откройте ключом двери впереди (дверь справа заперта). Откройте дверь слева и поднимайтесь по ступенькам на чердак. Обернитесь и увидите ещё одну дверь. Откройте её и выйдите в коридор. Осмотрите содержимое сундука около столика и пройдите через дверь справа. Двигайтесь через следующую дверь и окажетесь в светлом холле.

Осмотрите поворот налево и поворот направо,  а затем пройдите через дверь впереди. Вы окажетесь в комнате с камином и креслом-качалкой. Пройдите через дверь напротив и услышите грохот. Обернитесь и увидите, что комната разрушена. Если вернуться в комнату и посмотреть на стену слева от дверного проёма, вы сможете найти небольшой сейф.

Идите по коридору через несколько дверей. После картины с собаками сверните налево, пройдите через две двери и окажетесь в длинном коридоре. Следуйте в его конец, откройте дверь и увидите огромную картину. Обернитесь, подойдите к стене и осмотрите картину меньших размеров. Вновь обернитесь и увидите новый коридор.

Следуйте в комнату, куда побежала крыса (влево). Пройдите по коридору до следующей двери. Дверь справа захлопнется. Пройдите мимо неё и услышите, что она вновь открылась. Подойдите обратно к двери и войдите в небольшую комнату с кроватью и столом. На тумбе справа от стола лежит ключ. Заберите его. Обернитесь. В дверь начнёт кто-то стучаться. Зажгите три подставки со свечами и стуки прекратятся. Откройте эту дверь.

Выйдите из комнаты, сверните налево и подойдите к портрету, к которому ведёт след от красок. Портрет видоизменится. Обернитесь вокруг себя и увидите, что из портрета торчит трость. Возьмите эту трость, чтобы услышать воспоминание из прошлого.


Двигайтесь в обратном направлении и откройте ключом дверь. Пройдите через несколько дверей до спальни.  Посреди комнаты стоит граммофон. На тумбе справа от него лежит пластинка. Заберите пластинку, установите на граммофон и запустите его. Можете изменять настройки и переключать мелодии. Для запуска нужно просто повернуть несколько раз ручку. Подойдите обратно к двери, через которую вы сюда пришли. Она начнёт растекаться, как картина. Если этого не происходит, то поиграйте с граммофоном. Сверху, слева от пластинки есть переключатель скорости. Установите максимальную скорость и проиграйте первую и вторую мелодии (сбоку есть переключатель, под самой трубой), каждый раз подходя к двери. В определённый момент она должна исказиться.

Обернитесь и увидите, что вся комната исказилась. Подойдите к граммофону и позади него, на полу найдите баночку с кровью. Поднимите её и прослушайте воспоминание. Баночка окажется у вас в инвентаре.

Вновь воспользуйтесь граммофоном. На этот раз установите среднюю скорость и проиграйте одну из мелодий в нормальном режиме. Подойдите в это время к двери. Она должна вновь стать нормальной. Откройте дверь и пройдите через другую. Вы попадёте в первую комнату с мольбертом. Осмотрите флягу из-под виски на тумбе слева. Шкаф справа имеет шесть секций. Одна секция открыта и в ней находится кусок кожи из первой главы. Судя по всему, все найденные в главах предметы будут помещаться в этот шкаф. Щёлкните по мольберту, чтобы выбрать следующую главу.

Эпизод 3. Грунтовка

Пройдите через дверь, сверните направо и следуйте в другую дверь. Подойдите к роялю, тот уедет назад. Идите к нему и откройте тумбочку слева. Прочитайте записку. Вернитесь обратно через ту же самую дверь. Вы попадёте в иное помещение. Откройте шкафы слева и в одежде найдите новую картинку.

Пройдите через несколько дверей. За одной из дверей будет стена с цепью. Обернитесь и вы увидите, что другой двери уже нет. Повернитесь в другую сторону, чтобы появился проход в коридор. Не спешите! Напротив него есть дверь. Откройте дверь, упадёт кукла, повешенная на верёвку. На шее куклы висит ключ – заберите его.

Идите по коридору, до стекла. Через стекло вы видите комнату. Обернитесь и окажетесь в этой комнате. В тумбе впереди есть календарь. Вам нужна дверь слева. Пройдите через неё, двигайтесь через несколько дверей, пока не окажетесь в знакомом холле.


Пройдите через дверь впереди и посмотрите на холст справа. Под ним лежат очки. Осмотрите их и услышите воспоминание из прошлого.

Вернитесь в холл и пройдите через дверь справа. Спускайтесь вниз по лестнице с левой стороны. Идите по кругу. Вы будете слышать звонок телефона. Справа будет тумба, внутри которой лежит записка. В определённый момент вы увидите на полу разбитый телефон. Он соберётся воедино и подлетит наверх. Двигайтесь по кругу дальше, пока не увидите справа маленькую тумбу. Остановитесь около неё. Сюда должен подлететь телефон. Но вы ничего с ним не можете сделать.

С этого момента идите в обратном направлении!!! В конце концов, телефон должен упасть и разбиться. Поднимите трубку от телефона и услышите воспоминание из прошлого. Идите в том же обратном направлении, пока справа не окажется дверь. Пройдите через неё, откройте другую. Повторите попытку и войдите в комнату. Посмотрите наверх – вы видите стол, к которому прибит рисунок с надписями о летучих мышах. Осмотрите его.

Найдите на стене около открытой двери выключатель. Активируйте его, чтобы включить свет и вернуть комнату в нормальное состояние. Пройдите через дверь, которая вернулась на место, попытайтесь пойти по коридору, но он будет постоянно изменяться. Обернитесь к двери, через которую вы сюда пришли, и щёлкните по выключателю слева от неё. Теперь спокойно пройдите в конец коридора, откройте дверь и войдите в лифт. Задвиньте решётку, поверните рычаг влево, после чего лифт опустится вниз.


Спустившись вниз, откройте сундук справа и прочитайте записку. Идите через несколько дверей, пока не окажетесь в ванной комнате. Осмотрите куклу в ванной и найдите записку о мышах. Изучите её. Выйдите из ванной комнаты и посмотрите налево. Вы видите несколько предметов, преграждающих путь. Подойдите к деревянному поддону и опустите его вниз. Следуйте по коридору, откройте дверь и окажетесь в другом более длинном коридоре.

О правую и левую сторону есть несколько дверей. Двери справа закрыты, но в их верхней части есть засовы. Откройте третью по счёту дверь с правой стороны, отодвинув засов. Включите свет, войдите в комнату и отодвиньте ящик в тумбе справа. Заберите ещё один рисунок.

Выйдите и пройдите через дверь справа, в конце коридора. Вы окажетесь в помещении с четырьмя дверьми. Три новых двери ничего вам не дадут. Откройте ту, через которую вы сюда пришли. Бегите по длинному коридору со свечами, откройте дверь в конце и спускайтесь в подвал. Идите к роялю впереди, начните играть. Все предметы будут летать по комнате. Гуляйте по комнате, пока всё окончательно не упадёт. Осмотритесь и увидите тумбу со светящейся шкатулкой. Загляните внутрь и найдёте кость. Осмотрите её и заберите. Выбирайтесь из подвала, откройте дверь и увидите мольберт. Щёлкните по нему, чтобы начать новую главу.


Прохождение Pesadelo – Regressao


Используйте мышку, чтобы управлять обзором главного героя. Клавиши W, S, A, D отвечают за передвижение персонажа. Левая кнопка мыши – взаимодействовать с объектами. Прыжок – клавиша Space. Чтобы пригнуться, нажмите на клавишу CTRL. Для того чтобы открыть инвентарь, нажмите на клавишу I или B. Включить фонарик – клавиша F. Чтобы поставить игру на паузу и войти в меню, нажмите на клавишу ESC.

После вступительного видеоролика двигайтесь вперёд, сверните направо, пригнитесь и проползите под завалом. Появится новое задание.

Найти Могильщика

Двигайтесь до упора вперёд, пока впереди не увидите запертые ворота. Кстати, чтобы активировать фонарик, откройте инвентарь, щёлкните по фонарику левой кнопкой мыши и выберите фразу «Экипировать».

Итак, когда впереди будут запертые ворота, то сверните налево, сделайте пару шагов и сверните в здание справа. Подойдите к раненному мужчине и поговорите с ним. Это и есть Могильщик.

Приготовить эликсир для Могильщика

Мужчина расскажет вам, что ему нужен эликсир. Чтобы его приготовить, вам требуется одно растение и бутылка воды. Две бутылки воды лежат на столе. Можете сразу забрать их. Также на столе лежит планшет (подставка для бумаги), который используется для записи. Выйдите обратно на территорию кладбища и найдите растение, которое было изображено в инструкции. Откройте инвентарь, выберите бутылку воды и нажмите на команду «Комбинировать». Щёлкните по растению. У вас получится эликсир. К слову, вы можете его же использовать для лечения своего персонажа.

Вернитесь к Могильщику и поговорите с ним. Разговор будет доступен лишь в том случае, если в вашем инвентаре будет эликсир. Следуйте за ним. Могильщик откроет ворот. Пройдите через них в другую часть кладбища. Опасайтесь монстров с фонариками. Прячьтесь в кустах, ведите себя тихо, если монстр неподалёку. Двигайтесь на первом повороте направо, найдите элеватор и задание обновится.

Запустить генератор, чтобы активировать элеватор


Прохождение Arslan: The Warriors of Legend


Это вторая видеоигра, адаптация тайтлов Йошики Танака The Heroic Legend of Arslan и Omega Force. Все персонажи и визуальные эффекты основаны на аниме, выпущенном в 2015 году.

Продюсер игры Шигето Накадаи, а директор – Томохико Аоки. Накадаи отметил, что он, Коинума и Аоки являются фанатами этих новел. Коинума подошёл к нему, чтобы сделать этот проект совместно с Аоки. Разработка игры началась примерно в то же время, что и производство самого телесериала. Накадаи не было известно о сериале и когда он о нём узнал впервые, то был очень удивлён. Он извиняется за задержку и надеется, что качество игры, на которое пришлось потратить больше времени, приятно удивит с нетерпением ожидающих её геймеров.