Walkthrough The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt ALL QUESTS OF VELEN


The Nilfgaardian Connection Continued

Ride in the tavern "At the Crossroads" and ask the innkeeper about Hendrik. After talking three soldiers will drop to the tavern  who accost to Geralt. You can  end the conversation peacefully or can kill them. Then again you talk to the innkeeper and he'll send you to the village of Vereskov.

Ride there. The village is devastated. But  there was a man who fights off wolves. Help him and then talk to him. After that go to the house of Hendrik and inspect the corpse, search the shoes, which will be key to the cellar. Go to another room and inspect the carpet, behind which will hatch. Open it and went down. Touch the torch and examine all the documents that are in a secret niche.

Hunting a Witch

Ride to the village, "undergrowth" and ask the villagers about the witch. The village will gossip talking about the witch. Once you   come up and speak them, they will deny everything. Get away from them and overhear the conversation.
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