Palmyra Orphanage: Walkthrough and All Endings

Palmyra Orphanage: Walkthrough and All Endings

Read the guide of horror Palmyra Orphanage. We analyze all the possible endings of the game.

Palmyra Orphanage All Endings

When the cut-scene in the toilet ends and a sink flies at you, the hero will be in the corridor. There are two rooms ahead. There is light in one of them, while the other is flashing red. Each room has two different endings. You can see them in one walkthrough. To do this, after viewing the final credits, click on the «Next» button.

Each Ending Palmyra Orphanage is associated with an achievement.

Ending No. 1

You are the shelter, go to the room on the right, where the watchman sits. Take a lighter, enter the door opposite this room and examine the table near the window. A key is hidden inside the drawer. Take it and hear the steps. Unknown is trying to catch the main door. You must run to the door before. You just need to show reaction and high speed. This ending can be obtained before you reach the end of the game.

Ending No. 2

You need to enter a bright room. Put the dolls on the crib and go through the opened door. Ahead will be the spirits and brother of the hero. Approach him, but get a stab. Do this four times for your brother to wake up. The door will open, and you will leave the shelter with him.

 Ending No. 3

In the same bright room, put the dolls on the crib and go through the opened door. Ignore brother and spirits. Go to the door with the light.

Ending No. 4

Enter the red room and seat the dolls at the tables. The door will open. Go through and see a small room. In the cells, spirits with knives are locked. There is the hero’s brother in the opposite part. Go through the door behind your brother.

Ending No. 5

In the same red room, seat the dolls, go to the next room and stick a knife in the spirits inside the cells. Look for knives near the cages.


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