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Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – secret codes for activating items

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There’s not much time left before the release of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. The game will appear on May 9. But already now there is an opportunity to properly prepare and stock up on useful items.

In their videos - developer diaries, teasers, trailers for the game - Obsidian Entertainment hid secret codes. And there was an opportunity of their registration.  Go to the official game page on the company's website - https://eternity.obsidian.net/scavenger. Click on the Get Started button, register (or log in), link your Steam account and start entering the codes. All items will be available immediately after the release of the game!

Here is one of the pictures with the code:

But there were also more unordinary decisions. Here in such a T-shirt came out one of the employees of the company on the second day PAX East Twitch Stream:

In total, there are 55 code combinations, while the gaming community at the moment managed to find 43 codes (LIST UPDATES). All of them are listed below:

  • BtF6nW
  • w6Pd2u
  • SHbEXB
  • cCedpo
  • 8twCgw
  • BMahh7
  • KFK5Lj
  • RMaM4A
  • XQrdGv
  • CoC6eF
  • DeYvu8
  • HTEPbK
  • 25Pwqv
  • VMTjAb
  • yJ3BqA
  • mfvU5r
  • vSKRXA
  • RHh2SA
  • 3D7mzF
  • WgE69
  • tg2b3r
  • KUyE6X
  • vitshR
  • 5Vtwje
  • EQC3bw
  • APDPmj
  • zdhfFQ
  • zvzrSg
  • hCSjoE
  • iXncsY
  • eZ9ywi
  • mDjZsK
  • 3kp5Bi
  • Ksucnw
  • 4eVMKu
  • SNGVTh
  • i2MrLF
  • aFJJ8F
  • 6X4EYa
  • BprrJv
  • ysRHrs
  • 3UNUbC
  • TjF5if

This forum contains links to videos, pictures and other files in which the relevant codes are hidden.

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