A Plague Tale: Innocence Walkthrough

A Plague Tale: Innocence Walkthrough

We offer you the complete passage of the game A Plague Tale: Innocence. The main characters are Amice and her younger brother Hugo. Children find themselves in a difficult situation, when, during the 18th century Plague, the Inquisition attacks their home and kills their parents. Now girl should take care of her younger brother.

Walkthrough A Plague Tale: Innocence

Chapter 1. The de Rune Legacy

Follow your father, pick up stones near the apple tree (where the log lies) and drop six apples on the tree. Run with the dog until you see the boar. Hide in the bushes, go around the beast and shoot in the head. You have unlimited number of attempts, the stones are scattered around the location. Keep moving the dog until you see the video.

In the courtyard, go up to the stable on the right and pick up the first gift (1/11). Move to the next courtyard, enter the mansion and follow to the kitchen through the dining room on the right. There is a staircase in the kitchen, and you will find the first curiosity upstairs. Go upstairs and go after the maid to Amicea’s bedroom to get the second curiosity from the bed (2/26). Head to the mother’s bedroom and watch the video. Go to Hugo. He is hiding in a tent, and watch another video. Hide from the enemy, move into the next room and go out into the corridor. Downstairs, go to the kitchen and go outside.

Follow the mother and do what she says. In one episode, you will need to move through high grass, in the other — to shoot at metal helmets, in the third — to throw the pot.

Finally, throw a stone in a bucket on a stuffed animal so that an opponent will approach it. When he goes, take Hugo by the hand and follow Beatrice. Watch the final video.

Chapter 2. The Strangers

Enter the city and turn all the time to the right to find a small courtyard with a chair and a curiosity (3/26). Go to the square and encounter enemies. Run away from them. Inside the house, throw a stone into the pots on the wall to the left and go outside. Again, run from enemies until you hide in a new building. Push the cart in the barn and go upstairs. Throw a stone into a chain to reset another cart, and move it to an open window.

Continue to fun from enemies until Hugo climbs the stairs. Go left and jump over the fence. When a boy appears at the top, throw a stone into the chain to drop a cage. Hugo will push her down, and you can rise. Move on; distract the enemy’s attention by throwing a stone in metal pans on the scarecrow on the right. Follow to the left and throw the pot to the right of the enemy from the grass. Proceed further until you reach a dead end. Enter the house of the old woman and listen to her. Climb up and get things out of the chest. There is curiosity (4/26).To the left of the bed.

Go down and talk to the old lady. There is a workbench in the next room. Take a tool from him, go out into the yard and find a piece of leather on the left. Return to the workbench and improve the sling. Now you can kill enemies by hitting them in the head.

Talk to the old woman, look at the cut-scene and run after Hugo. Save him from the first enemy by throwing a stone at the head. Run up the stairs, jump over the fence and kill Conrad. You need to shoot two targets on the scapula. Then a target will appear in front. Destroy it, and then a target will appear at the back. Destroy it too, and then kill Conrad with an accurate shot in the head.


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