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Plot (Story) of the game Layers of Fear

Many players walked horror Layers of Fear and did not understand some questions. What was the idea of ​​the game? Indeed, what is the meaning of the story, in fact it was made the focus of developers. In this article you can read only a theoretical representation of the story. Let's try together with Harley Quinn understand all happening!

I warn you: there will be spoilers. And if you do not want to learn in advance about certain things, it is better not to read this article or read, but after the walkthrough of Layers of Fear.

I did not pay great attention to the notes, drawings and other "trash" on the first walkthrough of the game. But it was a big mistake. When I study the notes, one by one, my understanding of this small and sometimes even frightening world changed.

The first thoughts about the main character: crazy, think only about themselves and their paintings. At his wife he shouted, swore, drank, but at the beginning of their married life he did not allow himself... It is enough to read a note where he was pleased when he found out about the pregnancy of his wife. But it quickly changed when the critics started to condemn him.

But if you are careful and studied every detail, you will agree with my other assumption. Perhaps the artist wanted to make his wife (disfigured by fire) into something beautiful, do the same as she was before the fire? And while he was doing it, he was madness. Think, whose blood and the skin he cut to create a picture? Is it his? Or is it his wife? And the eyes? If you have been careful in the bathroom was the eye in a jar. And he looked in the mirror. The protagonist was unharmed and has both eyes. Is this from you becomes terribly?

Did not his wife served as a source of organs for the creation of the painting. He was obsessed with rats. He thought that they want to eat his paintings and so on. But his wife did not see any rats. Ambulance service did not come because of his coarse and sharp letters. Therefore he decided to burn them, but did not notice that in the same place was his wife. Thus, he disfigured her. After that, he went mad. This is just my theory.

All of these theories have been in my mind until the last walkthrough of the game, where I read everything. First wife was sad, but then she became violent. She admits this in one of her notes! "He thinks I'm a monster. Then I will be so. "And that is only her prayer, where she asks the God to kill her husband?

What is an artist? You can find the inscription on the wall in one of the rooms: DO NOT TURN BACK. Our hero says it will cherish and care for his wife, love her forever. She never saw the letter that he wrote to her.

Theory of plot is that his wife suicide in the bathroom. The husband then slowly starts to go crazy. If you get the first ending (not collected all the memories in the album), you will see that, in the end he draw a portrait of his wife. But he will be glad a few seconds, when portrait of his wife will turn into a monster and will laugh at him. Then you will see that there are many pictures of his wife in the auxiliary room.

And now attention! The artist loved his "old" wife. And every time when he saw her after the fire, he wanted to fix it. He forgot about his picture, his desire was to another.

His wife is dying. Her husband is heartbroken. He believes that he should perpetuate his beauty. The best way to do this: use the pieces of his wife. So he takes her corpse and divides: boil the bone and sucks the blood. He draws a fine portrait of his wife throughout the night. At the end of the game, we see hideous portrait.

The artist wants to bring back the past – his bright and carefree life. In one of the notes the lawyer of artist claims that they can tell in the court that he had a moment of madness, then he can take back his daughter.

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