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Preview Horizon: Zero Dawn

We can blame Sony for many things - for the fact that often ignores the simple and obvious requests of user. But corporations have a huge advantage - the ability to cultivate internal studio. Supermassive Games made additional content for LittleBigPlanet, and eventually released Until Dawn. Ready at Dawn with PSP and to The Order: 1886.

Another success story can become a Guerrilla Games: after ten years of hard work on Killzone it finally received a carte blanche and presented one of the most intriguing and exciting game E3 2015. From the Horizon: Zero Dawn looks stunning, but when you start to go into the details , enthusiasm gradually replace light doubt. There are questions that still remain open.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

On the question of whether it is possible to ride the robot, the authors say: "You'll see." And how do you fly?

Horizon - a simulator of hunting for huge robotic dinosaurs. Developers call setting apocalypse and draw mystical, mysterious paintings at the intersection of ethnic legends and science fiction militants.

Ancient lived on Earth hundreds of generations ago - the people who built the great city of stone, with underground tunnels and buildings up to the clouds. They flew across the sky, dive into the water, absorb natural resources. And then it all stopped. Humanity has ceased to exist.

After a thousand years city overgrown with grass, the society has degraded to the primitive state. They all gone away to the mountains and the ancient metropolises try to avoid. The remains of the human race wrapped in skins and try to survive in harmony with nature.

There are a lot of Indian culture in their life. Of weapons - but only spears and bows. They see destiny, spirits, and other karmic destiny characters. Each time when thei kill anyone, the people thank or ask for forgiveness. They take life only with a purpose, such as for food or clothing or chips.

Yes, the tribes co-exist with mechanical animals: birds, deer and even dinosaurs, some of whom are real tyrannosaurs and more peaceful Stegosaurus. However, no difference between mechanical and living things people do not see: the level of education is low.

No engineered is not and can not be. You will always run with the bow, but you cann have electrical and exploding arrows. Maybe to be able to fasten the tip of the spear. This is a whole arsenal. No firearms will not be, maximum - crossbow.

You play as the red-haired savage Aloy. An ancient legend says that it was your tribe comes from the very first people. Severe woman under the control of the player - it's a classic example of a "strong female character"; the authors want to own Connor and Ripley.

That's all. No strings, no conflict, no description of the other characters. But talk about the setting and voice to the main questions of history.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Methodology for hunting of wild piece iron

Redhead hunter sneaks through the high ferns, step by step goes to the "robodeer". His eyes blue-lit sensors. But twig snapped and he his sight immediately highlighted in yellow. She keel him.

The developers believe that they could find the perfect balance between stealth and action. This game is not about the destruction of enemies - Zero Dawn wants to force you to learn a reasonable survival. Before us is action-RPG in an open world.

Some information about the distinct role component is not: nothing is clear with the degree of linearity of the story, with side quests, the structure of the map. But there are alarm bells. So, the developer mentioned that the canisters on their backs - it is an important resource that must be collected at the request of one of the characters.

Hunt on piece of iron, you will collect the explosives, pieces of armor and other stuff that will help develop the character and update consumables such as ammunition or traps. Also you can buy these things. There is a trader in your village.

The second way to make the character stronger - is a set of experiences and the growth in the level. Developers do not even hint at the presence of conversational skills, charisma and other role-playing performance. They say only about combat system. You can play in Horizon in three ways: either very discreetly or make planning and traps, or rush into open confrontation. Three styles of the game - three branches of development, where you can put points, unlocking new skills and increasing the efficiency of the old.

Review Horizon: Zero Dawn

Aloy has prehistoric parkour skills (run around trees and jumps over rocks, climbs), and the world is full of surprises and dangers. But the authors boast elaborate ecosystem: world games wonderful into itself...

The hunt for the "living" - for this was created Horizon. In the eight minutes of the first movie, the authors show a lot of tricks. The heroine is hiding in the grass and causes the hidden blows, then gets bow and begins to shoot from bow. Traps work terrific effectively. There are rops between the stones, the developer creates an explosion behind the herds of deer. Those hear the noise and go into a trap...

The opening battle starts when you will see a huge dinosaur with machine guns on the back. He breaks the stones, behind which is the heroine. But even in this situation redhead heroine was not discouraged. Developers mention a series of Japanese Monster Hunter, and it's fine: the best simulation of hunting the giant beasts have not yet invented. Dino covered almost a hundred different pieces of armor.

When you pull off the armor, you can start to hit the weak points, but it is not be easy. It is therefore easier to shoot "minigun" and kill the monster with his own weapon. Yes, you can! Animation of how the giant collapses, so believable that I can not believe. At this time, you start wait for release.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

While the fight scenes Horizon: Zero Dawn looks amazing, despite the outstanding style and an intriguing plot, but "wow" -effect game offers is not very much. We do know one thing: this is action with "upgrade" in an open world. But there is the question: how well will the story and can you fight with one bow? Because the claimed structure resembles, for example, inFamous: Second Son. It is not the most impressive reference point.

Anyway, we ignore some disturbing news. So about the game we known very little. Today, we know the main thing: we have a hunting simulator on huge robotic dinosaurs!


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