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The team is preparing for the battle for the shield Reinhardt. Good "tank" - the success of the attackers.

Make war, not love

Military-category is in demand of recent years. There are spetsnaz uniform, identical rifles and machine guns, all kinds of turrets, tanks, bottles ... All this much pall, the genre is not enough fresh ideas and solutions.

Overwatch is similar to Team Fortress 2: - specialized characters is essential to the gameplay. Each character is completely unique and has a set of abilities that define the logic of the game for him.

The "beta" are two modes. In the first attacking team must accompany the vehicle to the destination. When the offensive player goes close to the machine, it moves when the next one is not - stop. In the second mode, one team need the time to seize the checkpoints.

When the first time you fight, there is something difficult: someone fly in the air, someone run around the walls, everywhere shine some energy shields, rockets fly, whistl arrows ... You shoot someone man in Black, but he suddenly disappears and a per second makes you a "headshot" straight from behind...

Tracer - the most agile and quick character, he can to wind off the clock.

Hero on heroin

Formally, all the characters are divided into four groups: "tanks", support, defense and assault. Ideally, any team should include representatives of each - so the composition will be more balanced. The player is free to choose their hero.

Overwatch - it is suitable for the widest audience. Even if you can not shoot straight, and always takes the last line of the command tables in other shooters, here you can be successful. Treat allies scatter energy shields or to place mines - anyone can participate.

Underlying all is harmonious work. As we have said, the characters have different skills, and the right combination of them is the key to success. Reinhardt, one of the main "tank" closes the command a large shield. Hiding behind i, lead continuous fire archer Handzo and fatal widow. Behind take medical treatment of the wounded and strengthens allies Angel and fast Tracer quickly pulled ahead, distracting opponents and, unrolling the clock returns to the safe zone. It - one of the possible scenarios reasonable games, of which there are already at the stage of "beta" a lot.


Treat allies - the problem is not the most exciting, but extremely important.

Audiophiles, archers, pigs

Each character brings a unique sensation of gameplay. All the characters are unique and have their own attack animation and movement. Change the character can be many times in a single match. Each has several unique abilities that have a small "cooldown" and a "Remote Control", which is available after completing a special scale. Everyone wants to try: Lucio include accelerating or treating allies music; Bastion is converted into quick-turret; Cowboy McCree firing from a powerful gun ...

Our favorite - Turbopig from Dota 2. The character is attractive enough high degree of autonomy: received damage, it can recover on their own.

Locations have several vertical levels, which is very nice combined with the different abilities of heroes. Reaper, for example, can teleport behind enemy lines, and Farrah - fly high in the air and on top of the grenade attack. Level design is pleasant, too: here and Egypt, and the Spanish town, and even futuristic Moscow. Overall Overwatch looks the same as the game - a very bright and varied.

At the end of the matchyou can see detailed statistics of our success. It's nice to see your name on the leaderboard and become the hero of the match.

Generally, all that is necessary for the triumph of Overwatch - is an elaborate system of rating and growth that would motivate users to develop. While we do not know anything about "upgrade" and the possibility of "customizing" characters. No doubt all important overhangs will be added in the final version.

Overwatch is full of drive and dynamics, it is tactically deep and suitable for the widest audience.


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