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Walkthrough The Underground Man

Walkthrough The Underground Man

Chapter 1. The Underground Man

You have to talk to Ranger in the first chapter. But first you will create a character: select a skin, choose 30 skill points, write a biography of the character of several characters (140/140). Click on the word "Yes" at the bottom of the screen.

In an interview with Ranger enter any text. The next time you answer in the affirmative: "Yes".

And once again answer "Yes". But the caretaker says that sounds like something half-heartedly. Therefore, do not answer "Yes", andsert: "I am ready".

More will need to be trained. Very important! Press only on the keys of which you said Warden. Walk to the right, keeping the left D. Go, hold A. Again, go to the right, holding D. Jump to the site by clicking only on "Space". Repeat as long as the caretaker does not continue training.

Now go to the cockroach, using the keys A and D. Do not arrows !!! Hit the cockroach by clicking on "Space". So you kill him. After that, go on location and match the objects appearing. For this use the A and D and E for movement key for interacting with objects. When you are asked to write a short essay on the last album Oxxxymiron, simply enter any text at least 30 characters (at least one and the same letter). Chapter soon be completed.

Chapter 2. Wasteland of Capital

Very long walk to the right side, from one screen to another. Kill the two zombies usual, one green and one ordinary man in a tracksuit. Talk with Ukrainian and Prince Abi. In the end, you get to "Huvarder" bar. Go inside.

Chapter 3. Bar

Talk to the bartender. When he asks who you are, say "Underground Man". After that, he will ask, what is your goal. Answer "Find a sausage in the dough." Next - "Zhopastenkie".
Now Talk with Kate. It will warn you that the wrong answer for the shooting head.

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