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Red Dead Redemption 2: all housebreaks (Breaking and Entering)

All house robberies in Red Dead Redemption 2

Some farms and huts in RDR 2 have their own caches of money.

Find four of these places and you will get the achievement "Breaking with penetration".

In our guide we will tell you which houses you should visit.

Lonnie's Shack

In Lonnie's hut you will be invited to visit Sean. This is a small house northwest of Lagras and south of the Emerald Ranch. Shoot all the robbers except one upon arrival. Scare him, so he says you the location of the cache.

This place will differ depending on who survived. You can pick up only that part of the prey, about which you were told. Do not forget to open the box in the room under the bed, inside is revolver.

Aberdeen pig farm

There is another interesting house in two minutes from the previous place. There is hospitable couple on Aberdeen pig farm southeast of the Emerald ranch. If you agree to drink with them, you wake up among a mountain of corpses and without money. Do not worry, in the end you will refund.

Go to the house and figure out with the owners. Do not forget to search wife, she has a jewel for creating talismans. All your money and other are hidden behind the picture of the old woman (right in front of the main entrance). After that, go outside and check the room behind the side door of the house. There will be a box with money on the table.



La Porte

Javier will tell you about this house when the gang moves to Clemens peninsula. It is better to take his with you to work. You have to shoot a lot here. The main cache is located in the barn under a loaded wooden wheelbarrow. If you go here on the quest, then just do not miss it, your companion will ask it to move.

It also makes sense to climb up to the second floor of the barn and clean the chest. Inside you are waiting for money and a big bag of jewelry. You can find pump-action shotgun and a lot more on the little things in the houses around.

Jackson House

About this house you can hear from strangers who are helping along the way. It is located south of Rhodes, below the Braithwaite estate. Here you will come within the next quest of Strauss on debt collection. Find a cache and collect debt at the same time impossible.

Therefore, first collect debt, and then go back for the cache. It's funny that after our re-return the boy's father was alive again and wants to fight. You need scare son and he tells about the place of the cache. Do not forget to pick up the double-barreled shotgun over the fireplace in the living room.

Watson's Cabin

We learned from someone from strangers about a lonely old woman north of Strawberry. The easiest way to get here is from the Wallace train station. Inside the house you will meet a woman who will confuse you with someone from her gang and send you to the basement to leave the loot. Take a semi-automatic shotgun out of the box and leave.

You need to set up a camp and wait until the next day, until the sons come to the old woman. After that, you can kill everyone and pick up extra money from the safe that appeared on the table.

Do not forget to rummage around the tables; there are decorations for creating talismans.

Van Horn Mansion

This abandoned estate is located south of Van Horn. Examine the ground floor, to find there the two sleeping men. There is a lot of money on the table next to them. Do not expect them to sneak quietly, still does not work. Kill them and other. If for you the estate remains deserted, try to return later or save right next to him and reload this save game.

Rocky Seven (Willard's Rest)

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