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Release for War Thunder -The Way of the Samurai

Gaijin Entertainment announced the release of a major upgrade to "The Way of the Samurai" for online military simulator War Thunder.

Pilots and tankers are waiting for two new maps - "The 38th Parallel" and "Abandoned factory." The first location is replete with differences of heights, but its main decoration is a huge dam. On the second map you are waiting for the fighting inside the maze of production facilities, and the battle in the storage areas in the open air.

Players will be inside the cabins of all aircraft - the pilots will receive cockpits for all bombers and aircraft. And the tankers can change the inclination of the corps of tanks in all directions and its height.

But the main innovation was the appearance of Japanese armor from light, medium and heavy tanks to the self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. There are about thirty types of equipment.

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