Release Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 pushed back to April 4, 2017

Release Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 pushed back to April 4, 2017

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  1. Аватар Vincent:

    CI Games decides to a longer dev-time. I think, that is a good idea and it will be more useful than 0day patch for every platform. Also they make a time seperation from other premiere in this time.

    1. Аватар Toki:

      I think also, that this move uis a goodv idea, espacialy, ehere they have problems wit stable running on consoles. Additionaly PC version will also have some tuning. I wis that they released more trailers or screens from new missions.

  2. Аватар Xrot:

    Such things happens and will happend. It better to move premiere into future than releasing buggy game. CI Games made a good decision.

  3. Аватар Chip:

    Many developers had problems with titles. Somtimes bigger, sometimes smaller. I think, that this was a serious problem so they decide to delay release date of Sniper Ghsot Warrior 3 and thanks to this move, they can quietly fix what to nedd be fixed.

  4. Аватар Nuall:

    I wait for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 so much and information about delay release date is sad for me. Honestly I can wait a little longer for this game and have big fun for playing on it than be angry because something works bad. I hope CI Games knows what they do and the game will be finished on April.

  5. Аватар Jet:

    Delays are always sad infomrations, but thansk to them we’re sure, that company is working on the game. But for our luck there is also new gameplay:

    1. Аватар Buzz:

      Thanks for sharing with this gameplay. Its crazy how many wyas we can take to eleiminate enemy or go into one place. I hope, that possibilities will be unlimited.

    2. Аватар Dave:

      No one like delays, but if someone can make you happy with that, that is CI Games. They gave us «candy» and im pleased with this sweets;) Thanks for sharing.

    3. Аватар Quick John:

      It would be nice to see movie wihtou worry, but someone just made it private:/ And thing goes harder. But luckly i found new movie:

      1. Аватар Lauders:

        Big thank you goes form me. I liked that movie and i wanted to see it again and i was just stunnend. How someone could make this movie private? But thank to good people, SNiper Ghost Warrior 3 material is still on the run i can watch it every time i want.

      2. Аватар Lucius:

        This movie shows that same mission once again, if i good remember. But this time its showed form another angle. Im impressed what CI Games made and what challenges they prepared for us.

  6. Аватар HoData:

    CI Games announced, that minor problems with console version of the game were problematic. Now they working with dobule strength to resolve these problems. And what ive heard, they will be showing playable version of SGW3 on PSE.

    1. Аватар Ideaz:

      Your post suggest, that CI Games fixed what was wrong with console version, Now they has option to show fans not only working title on XboX One, PC but also on PS4. This is good news. Now i expect comparision movie or screenshots that is showing difference [or none] in graphics.

      1. Аватар HiFi:

        They fixed it. And now i have a fresh info about SGW3. Durning interview for Gamespot CEO said, that SGW3 will have multiplayer. Source:

        1. Аватар Craig:

          And there comes new informations about Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. We can read that maultiplayer will have not only deatmatch, but also unique system prepared for this game. Im wonder how it will lok like.

          1. Аватар Ajaxx:

            This new mode can be interesting but under one condition: it will be truly unique and special. CoD made many MP modes. All of them were just mixes of 4 basics so CI Games must be aware what is doing.

  7. Аватар Archi:

    This special mode is sometihng mixed with deathmactch. But that is my gues. I read the new interview and i can say, that whole map will have 27 km sq and SGW3 will deliver aprox 35 hrs of fun.

    1. Аватар Barthezz:

      You say such things and didnt share with link? How bad you are:) Here’s the link: Have a nice lecture:)

      1. Аватар Felix:

        Thank for a link. This is good interview, and Tomasz share with us with many informations, that draw schetch of technical issues, that masut been resolved by team. I think, that now everything is on the right track and soon we will be watching gameplay from multiplayer mode.

        1. Аватар J-kan:

          Interviews was great and detailed. There was many informations, that sketch how SGW3 will be and how diffcult was for team to make such game. Like in any big game, this has also own stories, that could be written on the wall under «Tales form the Deep»:)

          1. Аватар Felix:

            «tales form the deep» you say, well for sure this could be horror story, when it godes to work afterhours and stress that is assigned to this. Probably it could be one easter egg in game;)

  8. Аватар Shifty:

    Im wonder what easter eggs can be found in the game. Will it be a Lords of the Fallen statue? Or maybe somtghin from previous games? I dont know, but such thigns make game more socia[?] and funny to play.

  9. Аватар Clarity:

    Players like to serach for easter eggs or just push game to the limit. Thanks to this efforts we have many funny situations and prove that devleopers has a sense of humor.

  10. Аватар Greg:

    And im wonder, how many strange things we can see on this new movie, that was released? Take a look for a new gameplay and search for clues;)

  11. Аватар Shifty:

    Im starting to look for some evidence of Yeti in moutains:) Kidding. This movie shows all missions, that we known in a full dyalight. It looks quite good.

  12. Аватар Greg:

    You would’nt fin any Yeti. Only lifeofrms that are visible on the movie are birds and people. Well, more time you spend outside, then less people are breathing:)) This is te meaing of being sniper.

    1. Аватар PacMan:

      It should be asked: how you could be a responsible sniper?:> This is always hard work, but someone must do it, hehe. On this gameplay we can see how rain is starting to fall, how people reactos to our apperance.

    2. Аватар Shifty:

      No one will fiand Yeti. Only i can:P When i was watching this gameplay, i saw more animals running in the background. I hope, that don’t force us to hunt them to make better equipment like in Far Cry.

      1. Аватар Greg:

        Thats right, animals are approaching:) Open world game without any live in background isnt normal. Even first Far Cry had some animals running on map. And those beasts. Fortuantetly we wil have to deal only with people in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.

  13. Аватар Zool:

    In open world games its importat to build athomspere around player. More details or rich scenery, more player player will feel the game.

  14. Аватар Greg:

    There is no need to waiting for a new gameplay. Here is a new gameplay presentig whole new mission! After last gameplay something is movied in this topic:

    1. Аватар Zool:

      Have you seen this one? Its darkest gameplay that was ever shown.

      1. Аватар Kermit:

        This one is making me gosebumps. I hope that there will be some torchlights to use them…or endless flashlight:)

        1. Аватар Zool:

          Who need flashlight, having big guns? I think, that you can be claim about gosebumps. You will have many ocasion to have it but SGW3 will deliver these emotions in acceptable counts.

          1. Аватар Kermit:

            Im sure, that Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will deliver many emotions. Form curiorisity to anger. When boss is too hard to beat we will need luck, many guns, unlimited ammo and many bad wrods that we can scream.

  15. Аватар Zool:

    Everyone that is hungry for emotions, can try this game juust by siginup for open beta. Time is running out:)

  16. Аватар Dismus:

    Lots of us have signen up, but there were no email with message, that we where succefully signen up. It should be this way or there will be mail at friday? Knows somedbody?

  17. Аватар Chang:

    Beta on horizon — signed! I hope, that they run everything smooth and there will be any delay.

  18. Аватар Moskvitch:

    Im glad, that CI Games announced beta of SGW3. We will have chance to test our skills littlebit earlier than we though.

    1. Аватар Paffendorf:

      Beta is always a good option to test game or our hardware. I hope, that my pc can handle this Sniper.

  19. Аватар Draco:

    Hooray, we can play beta. If someone didnt have key, it can be found on steam froum.

    1. Аватар Paffendorf:

      There were lots of keys but luckly many player were online and testet this part of code.

  20. Аватар Olly:

    yah, that was strange — one subscriber — 3 jkeys:) Im glad, becouse i was sharing with my friends, so more people was testing SGW3:)

  21. Аватар Paffendorf:

    That was a nice surprise. Who wanted, has opportunity to give them to others. More keys — more testers:)

  22. Аватар mole:

    People was surprised with quality of this beta. Now i saw few more betas and im startiong to wonder: demos were bad or good?:)

  23. Аватар ursus:

    That was a big test of hardware, that palyer have and showed, that there is infinity configurations on the desks:)

  24. Аватар XSpam:

    After spedning some hours in this digital world, im curious about full version of SGW3. I want to see how things will looks like and how big wrold will be.

  25. Аватар Vpool:

    Playing beta for me was like being deadpool. Ive commented every enemy, every action. And i didn’t record that. Well, at least i had so much fun. Short, but fun.

  26. Аватар Gweny:

    That was good sepnded time. Ive tested it about few hours and im surprised, that they made so big changes. Now its wisitng for full release.

  27. Аватар Larkyn:

    Good beta and quite good sniper feeling. I hope to see more realiable gameplay in full version.

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