Resident Evil 2 Remake Misters Raccoon
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Resident Evil 2 Remake: All the Misters Raccoon Locations

Walkthrough the storyline of Claire or Leon in Resident Evil 2 Remake, you can find many additional items.

All Mister Raccoons in Resident Evil 2 Remake

These can be documents and notes with codes from the safe, as well as special figurines called Mister Raccoons. There are a total of 15 such figurines. You must not only find them, but also destroy them from a weapon (firearms or cold steel). Some figurines can be detected by any character, others only by Leon or Claire, and even under a certain scenario.

If the statuette is nearby, then you will hear a characteristic sound.

Mister Raccoons, which you can find by any character:

  • Mr. Raccoon № 1: Visit the office in the west wing, on the first tier. There is a cupboard with boxes near the north wall, and a statuette on them.
  • Mr. Raccoon №2: go to the west wing, go up to the second floor and look at the STARS office. Open the map, go to the south wall of the room and find the statuette behind the box with the monitor.
  • Mr. Raccoon №3: when you are in the parking lot, go to the shooting range near the nursery and you will find a statuette next to the fallen target.
  • Mr. Raccoon №4: on the first tier there is a rest room. Find the brown bag and destroy the statuette.
  • Mr. Raccoon № 5: in the east wing, go up to the second tier and walk past the gallery. Find the stairs to get to the office of the chief. Only Claire can get inside, but even Leon can get to the landing. The statuette stands on the table next to the door to the chief's office.
  • Mr. Raccoon №6: when you find yourself in a clock tower, then open the door at the far end of the room (the first floor of the tower) and at the end of the corridor, on the window sill on the left you will find a statuette.
  • Mr. Raccoon №7: Fall into the sewage system, use the lower canal. Get to the end and go up the stairs. There is a long table on the left side, and a statuette is hidden behind it.
  • Mr. Raccoon №8: visit the canteen in the laboratory and examine the window connecting it to the kitchen. There is a subject.
  • Mr. Raccoon №9: you will find a rest room near the dining room and kitchen. When you turn on the electricity on the wall panel (using a signal modulator), you can pick up a hip bag from the bed on the right. There is also a statuette on the shelves.

Mister Raccoons that only Leon can find

  • Mr. Raccoon №. 10: when you deal with a crocodile, you will look around (in the water with garbage) and find a statuette.
  • Mr. Raccoon № 11: play as Ada Wong, you will be in an incinerator. In the left-hand side of the room, find the statuette, right on the floor.

Mister Raccoons that only Claire can find

  • Mr. Raccoon №12: you are interested in the eastern pantry. Open the door inside the pantry with the red heart (using the same key), and inspect the shelf on the left to find the statuette.
  • Mr. Raccoon №13: when you go from the station to the orphanage, you will have to get on the bus. There is a statuette on the panel near the steering.
  • Mr. Raccoon №14: when you are in an orphanage in the role of Claire, then rise from the hall upstairs, where Sherry was hiding, enter the nursery and find the figurine inside the white bollard with square shelves.

Mister Raccoons, who can find any character only in the second walkthrough


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