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Resident Evil 2 Remake: how to unlock Hunk, Tofu and unlimited ammo

Many do not know, but Resident Evil 2 Remake has built-in cheats, which you will need to unlock.

Endless ammo and other cheats (bonuses) in Resident Evil 2 Remake

In our material we will talk about these bonuses, and also tell you how to get Tofu and Hunk. In the second case, it will be possible to pass both scenarios not for Claire or Leon, but for Hunk, who is a member of the special forces of Umbrella Corporation.

The modes Fourth Survivor and Tofu appeared in the original game of 1998. Zombies are not so easy to kill, there is always a shortage of ammunition (depending on the level of difficulty). Have to adapt for a long time!

By completing various secret requirements, you will unlock many unique bonuses.

Here is the complete list:

  • How to unlock the mode “Fourth survivor”. In this mode, you will control the Special Forces Hunk, who is trying to escape from the police station with a limited supply of ammunition. To get the mode - you need to go through the game twice, and the second time, select the mode "2nd passage". It doesn't matter whether it is Claire or Leon.
  • How to unlock the second passage for Claire. An alternative scenario of the game, which is shorter than the original, but comes with increased complexity. You need to go through it to get the true ending of the game. To open the mode, go through the game for Leon.
  • How to unlock the second passage for Leon. Similar to the previous paragraph, only you need to pass the first scenario for Claire. You can also get a true ending.
  • How to get an unbreakable knife. When this option is enabled, the Claire or Leon combat knife will not break. To get it, you need to destroy all 15 Mister Raccoons.
  • Infinite ammo for samurai blade (bonus weapon). Wester and Hunk use these pistols. And you can get endless ammo. To do this, you need to complete the game with an S-rank (Hardcore).
  • Unlimited ammunition for the submachine gun LE-5. This is a powerful weapon in the hands of the Hunk. You can get endless ammunition. To do this, go through the game with the S-rank (Hardcore).
  • Infinite ammunition for ATM-4 rocket launchers. Leon finds this rocket launcher in battle with the final boss. To get endless ammunition, you need to go through the campaign of Leon in scenario A or B with the rank S + on hardcore. You need to complete the game in less than two hours, with a maximum of three manual saves and without the use of endless ammunition for any weapon.
  • Endless ammo for Magnum (revolver). We are talking about Claire's fast-loading revolver, which she gets in the second scenario of the game. To unlock, you need to end the campaign for Claire on scenario A or B on hardcore with the rank S +. That is, the game should be completed in two hours, with a maximum of two manual saves and without the use of endless ammo.

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