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Resident Evil 2 Remake: what is known about the game

Capcom was silent for three years. The upcoming remake for Resident Evil 2 was announced at E3 (2018).

Details Resident Evil 2 (2019): all we know about the game

The developers decided not to even change the name of the game, which will appear on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019.

Since the presentation at E3 2018, enough time has passed for Capcom to talk in detail about various aspects of the game, present gameplay footage and a brief description of the content.

What has changed in Resident Evil 2 (2019)?

Interface of the game has undergone significant changes. The game is being developed on the RE Engine, on which Resident Evil 7 was released. Producer of the project Yoshiaki Hirabayashi said that the developers wanted to increase the realism and grandeur of the environment.

Improvements have touched a lot: fresh bleeding wounds will be visible on the body of the zombies; the main characters will shoot the limbs of the walking dead.

PC, PS $ Pro and Xbox One X support 4K-resolution and high frame rates. The size of the game on consoles is 21 GB.

Voice and actors in Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Recall that Claire, Leon and Ada Wong were voiced by Allison Kurt, Matt Mercer and Courtenay Taylor. This time Capcom did without their help.

The appearance of various characters was formed on the faces of real people. The developers promise that sound design will delight gamers - 360-degree acoustics. One of the game's producers, Tsuyoshi Kanda said that in RE2 it’s best to play with headphones. A third-person camera like RE4 was taken as the basis.

New view of the world in Resident Evil 2 (2019)

The monsters will be located in different places. The rooms were considerably darkened to enhance the atmosphere of the horror. And we lose the downloads that were present during the transition from one room to another. In this way, the dead will be able to haunt you throughout the building.

Changes in the plot of Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Small changes were made the storyline. Old episodes were upgraded, new cut scenes were added, animation appeared in regular videos and fresh cues in conversations.

If the original Resident Evil 2 was supported by four scenarios, in a remake for Leon and Claire - Capcom created two separate story campaigns.

Important. You will need to complete two story campaigns to see the full game ending.


In some scenes, you can still manage additional heroes, and Ada Wong has a new tool - the visualizer. With it, you can detect the devices hidden in the floor and walls.

Another playable character is Sherry Birkin - a little girl. Claire saved her. The developers have promised that this little heroine will be given more attention in the remake of the game.

In addition, in Resident Evil 2 (2019) we will see two completely new locations. The first one is a children's shelter, the second is an underground plant.

Additional innovations in Resident Evil 2 (2019)

It was added several innovations. For example, you will be to use the checkpoints to save the game, instead of typewriters. Also, it will be possible to choose a more classic version with typewriters.

The complexity of the game will change dynamically. Depending on the success of your actions, you will receive a certain number of points on a ten-point system. The higher the value, the higher the complexity will be.

It was added changes in the management system. You will have to aim at enemies, and not just to aim a pistol in the right direction.

You can make powerful shots to inflict enhanced damage. To do this, press and hold the aiming key. So, you will inflict more damage (compared to a standard shot).

The main characters have additional weapons. For example, if the enemy has grabbed you and you cannot act with a pistol, Leon can put a knife into the zombie or even slip a grenade into his mouth. There will be no QTE-action, so you will need to independently get the blade from the body of the enemy.

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