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Review Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Actual for Platform: PC

Write a review Call of Duty - a thankless job. This is how to make weather forecasts in some African desert - and all so well known. What we do not know about Black Ops 3? Shooting? Yes, shooting. Is it a serious test for your video card? Of course, where do without "top-end" graphics. Is it cheerful, bright single player campaign with a good story? And it is ... No, wait. There Treyarch decided to surprise us.


Treyarch loves to turn everything upside down ...
Treyarch loves to turn everything upside down ...

- What you saw Hendrix?

- Shit, I've seen, that's what I saw.

Before play you need to see a "single". From Call of Duty expect that you will tell the a cool story about fight against terrorism, where the individual characters, their destinies are in the center of the story, where there is a cynical villain, which, in the end, you can feel like a Hollywood hero. And you see cool special effects...

Writers Call of Duty work steadily on a good level. At least enough for us to sympathize with the heroes. You can remember vivid episodes of walkthrough after a certain time nostalgically. So, the plot of Black Ops 3 you can forget as a bad dream. In the story of almost anything is unclear. You constantly hear about "immortal", betrayal Taylor, CIA secret projects ... It is necessary to exert maximum effort and attention, to combine all these elements into one picture. There are many empty conversations, replete with "security protocols", "communication channels", "communication centers" and other pleasant ear phrases. When that happens turns into a bunch of trash with episodes of World War II, the battle with the zombies (in the campaign!) and mystical visions, accompanied by fluttering crows in the frame, and a mysterious voice from the depths of subconscious you can dream only about that this madness quickly ended...

It is clear that all this lasciviousness somewhere there is a reasonable explanation. However, the path to it lies through dozen completely empty and dull conversations. Conversations between the characters are uninteresting, you do not wait any jokes. Actors are such as empty internally as excellent graphics. There are no characters, no personal motives - the new Call of Duty is completely degraded to the level of shooting.

... Even too.
... Even too.

Tear the chicken head and her body would destroy itself

It seems that after Titanfall all AAA shooters made the jump from realism to the futuristic setting, where robotic body gives it some character abilities. Our hero can run through the wall, fly up to the small height after the jump, including a special mode of view, the highlight opponents. However, in the single player campaign the best tactic is accurate shooting from behind cover.

But the main innovation is the superpowers which the player can use at the time of the shootings. "Skills" are divided into three groups: one increases the combat skills of the character, second allows to take control of enemy robots and turrets, others discouraged opponents. Abilities really simplify life during the battle, you can quickly kill enemies. But enemies are too much. Very quickly you find most useful for yourself "skills", such as "Roy" and "Pyromania".

System of "upgrade" is completely useless. Between missions, we can improve the skills or discover new ones, and make a few sets of weapons. Also you find the appropriate boxes on the levels. However, there is no sense in it, because everywhere is the containers of ammunition.

Just shoot!

"Single" no acceptable plot always lose share of the appeal. However, without it a single campaign Black Ops 3 is dull as much as possible. Each mission - a series of locations, where are many opponents. The enemies here in two forms: the people and robots.

There are a few violent scenes in the Black Ops 3.
There are a few violent scenes in the Black Ops 3.

Sometimes there are large robots. You can destroy them only from the grenade, but first you need to disable the protection, shoot them armor with bullets. They are clumsy, deal with them is very simple, take a good defensive position. However, the operation to remove the shield must be repeated three times, the battle with them become very dreary and dull affair.

World, zombies, buuble gum

When finally walking on "singles" torment end, you can relax and breathe fresh air into the multiplayer. Here we were offered a standard set of fun in the form of "capture the flag", "Destruction" and other like, a favorite with many mode "Zombie" and the novelty of the season - "Parkour".

The main innovation - the so-called experts. It is the characters, each of which has two superpowers. For example, Ruin can create a shock wave in a collision with the ground or for some time to increase the speed of movement. Opportunities for "customization" is huge: you can change and equip it. Before us is the traditional "multi-slot" system with "perks" of weapons and grenades. Initially, many of the options will be closed.

In "Parkour," the player must run a certain distance, show the best time. Among the acrobatic elements - running on walls, sliding across the floor and jumping high. Sometimes the walkthrough of some areas is very difficult.

"Burning cold eyes ..."
"Burning cold eyes ..."

But the best in the Black Ops 3 there is - mode of "Zombies." Survival game with a bunch of different kinds of monsters, weapons, "bosses", a great jazz accompaniment looks stylish and fun. Action takes place on a large map. Players can to choose the route of movement .


In the Black Ops 3 Treyarch created probably the most horrible single campaign in the history of the series.

Pros: Excellent mode "Zombies"; good solutions in multiplayer.

Cons: a failure in all aspects of the single player campaign.

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