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Review Fallout 4

Review Fallout 4

It is said that morning jog with the dog helps against radiation...

The cryogenic hibernation

Indeed, the new Fallout based on familiar principles TES. Fallout is built on a deep atmosphere.

First, the story is developing rapidly and leaves: our character coddle the child and talk with his wife; Then will be nuclear war. Little family evacuate to the shelter. It turns out after some time, an underground shelter is an experimental laboratory in which study the functionality of the body after a long cryogenic freezing ...

But our heroes sit in a comfortable capsule and go into a deep and long sleep. They sleep a hundred years. But mysterious people interrupt sleep, then our character goes up.

The storyline, despite more than a predictable resolution of the main intrigue was a success. Detective, travel memories, shocking "revelations" - writers Bethesda created a pretty interesting story. However, there are many questions after walkthrough.

The game can be upgraded everything. Even the power armor.

There is the most powerful weapon in the game. You can make a small nuclear explosion. And if you add critical damage ...
There is the most powerful weapon in the game. You can make a small nuclear explosion. And if you add critical damage ...

SPECIAL for you!

The choice is present not only at the global level of quests, but also on the local - as part of a combat scene. Almost always, we have the opportunity to cut the road to the goal, broke the lock of some secret door and so on. For this you need have a high level of appropriate skills.

Intensively advertise system of "upgrading" It is simplified and cut down by the traditional system SPECIAL. At each level the player receives one point, he may invest in attributes such as "power" and "Agility" or skills that are available when you reach a certain level of the main parameters.

The new part is not possible to specifically to "upgrade" the possession of different types of weapons. Also they disappeared and "skills". All this is partly represented in the form of skills. Now, we not wait for a new level, to throw skill points to get some cool "perk" or improve the basic attributes. Points are still less influence than in the third part.

On the other hand, all aspects of character development are collected in one table, and are now much clearer why and where points are invested. Yes, the new system is more "casual", but it corresponds to a rate of Bethesda to expand the audience.

Build - not to break

Success walkthrough depends not so much only not upgrade and found on the "loot" of weapons, armor and the amount of earned money. Fallout 4 offered us a comprehensive and large-scale system of "craft" and better things. At every corner you can find some weapon workbench. Any "gun" with the appropriate components, you can "upgrade" on your own - to put a scope, change the handle to increase the shop. The possibilities are truly enormous - create your own weapons of dream is now very real.

There are many kinds of equipment in the game. Banks, books, screws, screwdrivers, and other useless things are made up of a certain material, which can be used in the regeneration of communities. We do a few quests in any settlement, and it becomes friendly to us. After that, you can enter the mode of construction and fence it, install electricity generators, build houses, plant corn, tomatoes, potatoes ...

Why is it all? The answer, unfortunately, is not quite clear. First, of course, to perform certain quests. Secondly, the population has the need for protection, food, water and power supply. The more land will be landscaped, the better will be relevant to you. Innovation is quite controversial and is designed more to fans of Minecraft.

If you wander around the wasteland then you try. Jetpack - a great way out.
If you wander around the wasteland then you try. Jetpack - a great way out.

Walking on the Heath

Peace without our intervention looks great. Oh, what's what, but the ability to create a large and beautiful location Bethesda can not refuse. Post-apocalyptic entourage was a success: the abandoned city, shops and bars with bright signs, secret bunkers, camps looters ... Although the size of the map is not so great, but heath is very solid and diverse. Place is really a lot.

The final version is not far removed from the trailer, on which fun not only lazy. Surprisingly, even with such a weak graphics the game sometimes to "hang out" on the Xbox One.


We can not argue with the fact that in Fallout 4 was invested colossal work. Yes, Bethesda created RPG in his own way, in line with their vision of the genre. But to create a quality, and, despite some shortcomings, the fourth part was much more atmospheric and solid than the third.

Pros: rich atmosphere; interesting "fractional" part of the storyline; variability in solving quests; actions have consequences; a great opportunity to "craft" items.

Cons: simplified system of "upgrade"; the graphics are not impressive.

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