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Review Need for Speed 2015

Actual platform: PS4

One of the most popular racing series on the planet over the past ten years has turned into a hydra with different heads. Among the pieces that came out after the first Most Wanted, it was a place for simulator Shift, and extremely unnatural Nitro. They made restarts of parts and their sequels, under the brand name worked a real MMO-game. Racer can came out from the cabin. It create a story-centric episodes ...

From left to right: Spike, Amy, Manu and Robin.
From left to right: Spike, Amy, Manu and Robin.

Magnificent Five

Restarting of 2015 had to remove the excess and keep only what like fans. The task is very complicated. There need in epic proportions. And a very large space to drive - such as Ventura Bay area, where is the actios. The hero - a nameless rookie street racing - immediately attracts the attention of fans of the same high-speed driving at night.

New friends are five styles of driving and the same story branches. Local "clown" Spike is the main for the standard of the race on speed. Crossbreed Manu is "Style", where you have to drift and twist feints, brazen Amy manages the tuning, blonde Robin prefers team competitions. Sometimes in sight there is the mysterious intruder, which likes drive from the police cars. Walker Magnus waits in the final high-speed branch. He is collector of Porsche and the owner of fiery beard. Craftsmen go into a skid at a speed (200 km per hour) see a legendary rally driver Ken Block.

And see live, as all the story episodes you can see of first-person with real people. Actor game not make an impression. You can not wait for the interesting stories; these inserts make variety. The storyline though united action over two dozen hours, but does not offer any "wow" the moments.

Sometimes, Need for Speed is as well very cinematic.
Sometimes, Need for Speed is as well very cinematic.

City of the Night

Big-big city new Need for Speed offers almost seamless gameplay. We arrived (or teleport) to the place of arrival - and drive on the same streets without restrictions of invisible walls; most importantly do not miss the checkpoints. Districts then are large and various: from the "downtown" with skyscrapers to the mountainous suburbs - the scale is much larger than in Rivals, as promised developers. It looks very nice in the dynamics and much of the beauty is based on the right light, rain, smoke and flare in the right place. The same applies to cars.

Unfortunately, you can not see traffic - computer-controlled car on the way there are rarely. The same can be said about the police - they will not find on the map. And go away from them too easily.

To be less tempted to teleport back streets of Ventura Bay scattered beautiful places, details and free zones for "donuts" (not for food, but for the tricks that leave circles on the pavement zhzhёnoy rubber). But above all, for the lack of artificial intelligence should live people, and ride together with you. They can be challenged in the next moment you pass by one of the four types of races. However, a hunch suggests that true gamers will have to look like in the last part, because the race has become a platform for more. Also, the approach of "everything on one card" means a fixed connection to the network, that is, in the case of consoles, you will need a PS Plus subscription or Xbox Live Gold. Add: the pause button again brought, well, sometimes the server service. Well, what the real problems with the "departures" almost no.

Damage car body can very good, but this does not affect anything.
Damage car body can very good, but this does not affect anything.


If you do not take into account the police, the level of opponents in the competition creates a sufficient "Challenge." Opponents can make mistakes and drive very good. Trails are built depending on the type of competition - for competition in the style of the "toga" they will be winding. There is90-degree bend trails for drift races.

In a sense, Need for Speed remind asynchronous MMORPG. This applies not only setting "character", "global map" and "quests", which can go to other people, but also the reputation system. You get points for participation in the race and perform actions in any of the five styles and constantly. Each increase opens new parts, that is, works as a banal "pumping". But the details lead us to a rather extensive styling.


Do your "Aaron-dong-dong"

For dessert -about of the automobile culture. It are rich and good in Need for Speed. Each machine can change by itself (in the running gear and outwardly). The settings affect the speed, acceleration and handling. This, of course, not a simulator from Polyphony Digital, and then is importantly stickers and other external changes.

Total in the carpark are 51 cars, from the humble Volvo 242 - 1975 for 8000 $ to Lamborghini Aventador for almost two hundred. Also, there are Porsche 911, nimble Mazda MX-5 and a couple of luxury BMW Series M.

And what is an underground motor sport without atmospheric music? Soundtrack Need for Speed came quite varied.

View from the cabin is not.
View from the cabin is not.

Pros: beautiful picture; a large and various map; fine-tuning the style of driving and the possibilities for styling; good selection of cars; Stars from the real world in a live form.

Cons: hackneyed plot; only night race; weak police; you can play only online.


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