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Review Raid and Rule

Actual for platform: iOS

Many players like to build their own empire, or at least the city and garden. Care, refine, improve, and then attack on the neighboring gardens. Falafel Games decided to make one more militarized "farm".

What is the force?

Of course it are more powerful tanks. Built slowly, "upgrade a building, build a new, make the stock of resources. Because Raid and Rule you need fight on two fronts. First, you need have a decent squad to attack. You need a multi-stage single player campaign to train your forces. As a reward, you give resources, strongly honor and respect.

But the most interesting, of course, is the attack real opponents. Do not lose vigilance and build up your own base. Pay attention not only to the construction of peace, but also to any kind of protection. Effectively and completely build the walls, arrange guns here and there ("pump" it).

It is clear that your opponent does the same thing. Therefore it is easier on the early levels.

Further - more, then, you can unite with other players in the coalition.

Looking for a free lunch

You can download Raid and Rule free. It means that during the walkthroy we face with the need of real expenditure. The main question: it ispossible to play calmly and without cash infusions? So far, the balance in the Raid and Rule configure in such a way that lite for every step you will have to pay. Most of the actions carried out for a long time. You need diamonds to accelerate. And find them is very, very difficult.

If you want upgrade the main building, that you also need resources. Construction of the new "units" to attack foreign bases also requires resources - it turns out to get the resources we need to spend it. At the same time, even if you gain the victory, your fighters will not get back. Again, you need to accumulate money for the army ...


If you like to fight once or twice a day, then you will not feel discomfort. But for those who like spend a lot of time for game, Raid and Rule can seem not too balanced. The developers promise to further major changes in the design, such as more realistic and advanced combat "units." Maybe in the balance will make something...

Pros: very varied gameplay; the developers promise to further changes.

Cons: You nee to invest real money.

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