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Review Rebel Galaxy

It is space simulator kind of Freelancer of the authors of Torchlight and Diablo 2. Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer founded Double Damage, really debuted very successfully in new genre.

When you are hot in the battle, you can activate a special shield and try to go out of the battle.
When you are hot in the battle, you can activate a special shield and try to go out of the battle.

You choose yourself!

In this game are beautiful graphics, cheerful music (blues and good old rock) and good quality - immediately clear that the game made not new to the industry.

Rebel Galaxy just offers a whole set of standard entertainment.

We play in the role of the little-known pilot, who was in a spaceship on the edge of the inhabited galaxy. In the story, he must get out of here and find the native aunt....

However, you can fly to the nearest station, go to the bar and buy some goods on the cheap at a local store. Or perform numerous missions. It is clear that all of them are standard: to kill any or save any. But you get good bonus and it affect the relationship with different factions.

In addition, you can need explore a large and open space, move between systems, to get money for the discovery of some asteroid and garbage fields, collect minerals, hunt for pirates or take orders from them, terrorize the local law enforcement agencies and rob caravans.

All dialogues are animated -it is also a sign of quality!
All dialogues are animated -it is also a sign of quality!

Maritime space combat

The development in the game is built on purchasing of new weapons, different spare parts and even new ships.

By the way, about the weapon. The combat system - is the only truly original in a game (in addition to the class, cheerful rock). Battles in Rebel Galaxy built on the principle of sea battle: you need to turn broadside to the enemy, take aim and shoot. At the same time your turret automatically fire at flying opponents. However, you can always switch to them, and personally take part in the cosmic shooting gallery.

Often you can use the mercenary services. You can find his at the bar on the station. His price varies by the skills of "soldier of fortune".


Yes, the authors Rebel Galaxy did not reinvent the "bike". And do not want to attach to it some advanced details: there is no axis Y, then there can not be moved up and down, you can not build factories, such as in X3: Reunion, it is not necessary to shift energy between different systems of the ship, and the management is extremely simple.

But to use this "bike" - a real pleasure. Rebel Galaxy - this is probably the only one in the game today, so feels like to Freelancer.

Pros: the freedom to choose who to be and what to do; interesting battle; rich system "upgrade" of the ship; stylish graphics; great music.

Cons: monotonous mission; someone may seem incredible arcade and surface.


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