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Review Sword Coast Legends

It's hard to believe, but the last well role-playing game of Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter was Nights 2 (in 2006). Sword Coast Legends is to fill the gaps and Wizards of the Coast so attract attention force.

Fifth went to ...

Sword Coast Legends is built on to the rules of modern fifth edition of D&D. That is a classic party CRPG. The battle can to pause at any time and you can to creature a few of hours your character. Five races, six classes, seven branches of abilities for each class, the opportunity to choose subrasu, biography, philosophy (yes, the very "chaotic- good", "neutral-evil" and so on), and even the voice of a character - there is something to think about.

Initially you can play for one hero, but in the story campaign will be companions. You will have to personally develop them, well equipped and personally choose who to bring to the next task. Together they will fight, communicate, perform numerous quests and explore the intricate catacombs, tombs, sewage and  ruins. So, travel on the global map of Faerun and chat with residents of the coastal city of Luskan.

From sadness to joy

At first, it seems that the dialogues and quests did not write Dan Taj and the company, and the beginners. "Hi! What is happened? Let me help! - Help me to find the brother / sister / lost goods. Bring mushrooms / collect samples of slime! "- Before the Dragon Age: Origins far from here.

Companions seem boring and formulaic, and their obsession to repeat the same phrase every ten seconds are awful. I want to say about the uncomfortable camera that need constantly move and rotate.

Wizards and priests do not spend the time to prepare spells.

However, things are improving. First, appear the spiral of trivial intrigue: our heroes have nightmares, where they speak with the demons and soon they begin to chase hunters evil. You see how enemy kill your friends and comrades.

Secondly, there are more interesting quests. In Luskan you need prosecute an inquiry. Steal a wooden leg at the homeless and even wake sleeping beauty. Companions tell you about intimate and private life.

Dialogues are becoming brighter. And we have more opportunities.

Search and find

Yes, the quality of the dialogue, a variety of quests, the complexity of moral choice - still falls short of Dragon Age: Origins, Pillars of Eternity and Neverwinter Nights 2. Nevertheless, the storyline campaign wants to walkthrough. The game throws down the gantletand and you can see a very strong contenders. As a result, you need to use the pause that decide who is who, what and how to beat.

You can lure enemies in some traps.

In addition, there is interesting to look for a new outfit, to solve non-trivial puzzle to spend some ritual, to open an important door. Finally, it is interesting to explore the dungeons and catacombs-enabled search modes to detect traps, caches, arms and doors. By the way, "pumped" search skills often helps in solving some quests where you have to find, for example, a hidden hatch or letter.

The Master.

You can play alone or in the company of three other players. You can also make a joint campaign on the cave. But more interesting to take advantage of a unique opportunity, which provides the Sword Coast Legends, and play in the role of Dungeon Master.

There are several options. The most interesting thing to create own module (full campaign or just one cave - the choice is not limited), and invite others. You can download a module.

Anyway, the feeling will be very unusual: you are in real-time to set traps, run the various monsters and then the players evaluate.

Pros: the transfer of rules the fifth-edition D & D; it is really extensive story campaign; complex tactical battle; the possibility of joint adventures with other players; built-in editor; Dungeon Master Mode.

Cons: weak dialogue and primitive quests for the most part; inconvenient camera; duplicate replicas of the characters; your players often fight too passive.

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