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Risk of Rain 2: How to Unlock All Characters

Full-fledged release of the three-dimensional indie-bagel Risk of Rain 2 took place on March 28. You have to move through many generated levels both in solo mode and in a cooperative of up to four people. At the time of this writing, there are a total of five different classes for characters, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses. Below we will explain how to unlock all the heroes of the game.

In addition to the five playable classes, several survivors will be unlocked by default. Some of the characters came from the first game — the Huntress, the Engineer, and the Commando, while others are completely new — Mercenary, Artificer and the MUL-T.

How to open

Artificer in Risk of Rain 2
Artificer in Risk of Rain 2

Condition: spend 10 Lunar Coins in the market between worlds.

Lunar Coins are a special in-game currency that you do not lose even in case of death. Market access between worlds can be obtained by passing through a randomly generated portal (or if you spend a coin from a special statue). To unlock the Mechanic, you can use the 10 lunar coins on the altar next to the crystal in which this character is located.

How to open MUL-T in Risk of Rain 2

Condition: to pass the event "Teleport" five times.

MUL-T in Risk of Rain 2
MUL-T in Risk of Rain 2

It is very simple task. All you need to do is complete the first location five times. Recharge your teleport and defeat the boss five times.

How to open Mercenary in the Risk of Rain 2

Condition: kill yourself on the Obelisk.

Mercenary in the Risk of Rain 2 
Mercenary in the Risk of Rain 2

Essentially, you have to finish the race. Complete all stages without dying and return to the first map. White portals will appear in the Rallypoint Delta. You need go through the Celestial Portal and carefully descend onto a large platform until you reach the Obelisk. Interact with it to explode and make a full rotation.

How to Open a Huntress in Risk of Rain 2

Condition: go and complete the third teleport event without dying.

To do this, you need to get to the third map without dying, and complete the charging / battle sequence with the boss. This condition is similar to the unlock MUL-T except for the fact that you only need to get to the third map once.

How to open an Engineer in the Risk of Rain 2

Condition: complete 30 stages.

As in the case of unlocking MUL-T, you need to go through 30 maps. We are talking about the total number of completed levels, so you do not need to complete 30 different stages in a row. You can die and continue later, complete only the first map 30 times. As long as you fulfill this condition, you will surely unlock the Engineer.


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