Rumor: GTA 6 will present Vice City and South America, the first female

Rumor: GTA 6 will present Vice City and South America, the first female hero, release in 2022


All this is not confirmed, but even if it’s true, it’s very, very long to wait anyway.

According to unconfirmed information, GTA 6 will immediately show two places of action: inside and around the game version of Miami, known in the GTA universe as Vice City, and players will also be able to travel to South America to perform some missions.

For the first time in the history of the series, GTA 6 will include a woman as one of the main characters, but there are as yet no details regarding the ability to control other heroes

As for the release date, it is reported that the game will be released only after 3-4 years, but given that Rockstar is not able to release the game from the first time, wait for GTA 6 is not until 2022. Nine years after GTA 5.

All these details were published by The Know with reference to internal sources that claim that the code name of the game is «Project Americas».

It is not clear in what era the events of GTA 6 will evolve, but given that Vice City is chosen as the scene, we can return to the old, good times of the 1980s, with cartels, conspiracies of the CIA, revolutions and other romance of the best times.

Wait for the announcement of GTA 6 in the coming years is not worth it. Before that, the company should still release Red Dead Redemption 2 this October, and then only on consoles.
On what platforms will GTA 6 — it is not clear.

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