Sekiro Guide: memories and leveling up Attack Power

Sekiro Guide: memories and leveling up Attack Power

Below we describe how to use the found memories and increase the Attack Power of the main character.

If in Dark Souls and Bloodborne the developers used a huge number of characteristics that allow customization of the main character, then in Sekiro everything is much simpler. In addition to the scale of health (Vitality), the Wolf has another important characteristic – Attack Power. You will need memories to increase its value.

After you kill certain bosses in Sekiro (they are usually located at the end of individual locations, mini-bosses do not count), you will get a memory of your battle. Take it to the nearest Sculptor’s idol so that you can view it again. In the idol menu you will find a new item – Enhance attack power.

Do not worry: you do not have to replay the battle with the boss, and in general you do not need to fight with anyone. Just do not forget to activate the received memories each time so that the Wolf becomes stronger and more dangerous.


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