Sekiro Guide: The Best Items to Buy

Sekiro Guide: The Best Items to Buy

In this guide, we’ll tell you what it really costs to spend the found sen.

Spirit Emblems

At the beginning of the game, you can practically buy nothing with sen, with the exception of small expendable items and Spirit Emblems. The latter are used to activate the tools installed on

the Wolf prosthesis. For example – Shuriken wheel. You can purchase Spirit Emblems when you visit Sculptor’s idol. When you die, each time half of the amount of your character is lost. During the game you will not meet any unique and very expensive items to buy. So you can spend your money on Spirit Emblems.

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Gourd Seed

Gourd Seed are probably the most valuable item in Sekiro, as they allow you to take another swig from the flask with potion. More charges for the flask – more healing points and a higher chance of surviving in difficult situations.

You will receive Gourd Seed for victory over special opponents; also you can find them in the game world (rarely). Sometimes they are sold by merchants. Whenever you see a Gourd Seed for sale from someone, forget about everything and save up the necessary amount to buy this item before the completion of the mission.

Do not forget about the previously collected purses with coins that are stored in the inventory. Light Coin Purse will get you 100, Heavy Coin Purse – 500, Bulging Coin Purse – 1000 sen. Perform the calculations, and buy Gourd Seed.

If you do not have enough sen or purses to buy a seed, then move to the nearest Sculptor’s idol, rest and re-kill the opponents who have filled the location. Collect sen. Repeat the process until you have accumulated the required amount.

Do not forget about the use of Mibu Balloon of Wealth, the activation of which temporarily increases the number of earned sen when opponents die. Then do not forget to hand the Gourd Seed to Emma at the Dilapidated Temple.

Coin Purses

Sen are not protected in your pocket, and in the purses they are absolutely unapproachable and are not lost in case of death.

You lose half sen if you die in battle. Thus, having bought a purse for 110 sen, you lose only 10 of them, so you will get only 55 after death.


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