Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: All Prosthetic Tool Locations
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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: All Prosthetic Tool Locations

These Prosthetic can be installed by Sculptor at the Dilapidated Temple. They are used for a variety of combat systems and allow specific strikes. The emblems of souls are consumed.

Where to look for All Prosthetic Tool in the game:

  • Ashina Outskirts. Kill General Naomori Kawarada (a mini-boss in a separate courtyard). He’ll drop seed and Prayer Bead. There will be a gate with a room on top. Climb there through a hole in the roof and pick up a new prosthesis near the corpse - Shuriken Wheel.
  • Ashina Outskirts. Robert’s Firecrackers can be bought for 500 sen from one of two merchants. You will find the first in front of a high gate and a wall on which the enemy stands with cannon. Do not go to the wall, and near the arch in front of it, climb the mountain to the left. There will be another ledge to the left, and then you can be attracted by a hook. Do this to be on top and find a merchant. You can also buy from a merchant near the battlefield with Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa. Climb the stairs to the side to the top and around the corner find another staircase leading to the tent with the seller.
  • Hirata Estate. At this location there are just three new prosthesis. The first will be found in the third yard, where there is a fire between the houses. Kill many enemies, go to the fire and find the subject Flame Barrel.
  • Hirata Estate. From the previous prosthesis, go to the alley and talk to the man. He will tell you that there is an ax nearby. Go out on a wide street, go left and turn into the courtyard on your left. In one of the two buildings lies Shinobi Axe of the Monkey (Loaded Axe).
  • Hirata Estate. Mist Raven’s Feathers (Mist Raven) are better tucked away. When you kill the hunter and activate the Bamboo Thicket Slope idol, then go up and jump on the ledge on the left. It will be necessary to use a hook. Jump into the water and swim against the stream forward until you can cling to the branch on the right. Do this and you find the object in front of the mountain. Right there is a passage barred with bamboo sticks. Break them, go inside and go upstairs, jump between two walls. Here you will find a small building guarded by one powerful ninja. Inside the prosthesis is hidden.
  • Ashina Castle. From the Ashina Castle idol you jump from the bridge to the left side and pull to the branch with the help of a hook. Overhear the conversation of two soldiers on the other bridge. Kill them; take away the Gatehouse Key. Jump to the right side. You crossed this bridge at the beginning of the game (climb under it). So you will return to the Ashina Reservoir idol. Go in the direction of the Moon-Veiw Tower, but before you reach it, jump onto the ledges on the left. There will be a building with grass in which you were hiding at the beginning of the game. Open the gatehouse by key and take away Gyoubu’s Broken Horn (Loaded Spear).
  • Ashina Castle. When you reach the top tower from the Ashina Castle idol (you need to jump on the roofs to find the passage to the highest building and behind it), go inside and activate the new idol. There are holes in the first room through which you can jump down. So do it. At the very bottom, kill four enemies, including one samurai in a blue kimono. In the next room there is a treasure chest. Inside you find Sabimaru.
  • Ashina Castle. You are interested in the Old Grave idol. From it, jump left to the side of the building with a broken roof. Climb inside through the hole in it and see the merchant. He sells Iron Fortress (Loaded Umbrella) for 1600 sen.
  • Sunken valley. Gun Fort is located next to the Gun Fort idol. This is the third idol of this location. You will be in the room where you need to fight against Long-arm Gentipede Giraffe boss. Kill him; search the room to pick up Large Fan (Divine Abduction).
  • Sunken valley. Slender Finger (Finger Whistle) can be obtained for the murder of the main boss of this location Guardian Ape.


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