Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: All Gourd Seed Locations
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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: All Gourd Seed Locations

For each Gourd Seed that you pass to Emma in the Dilapidated Temple, the number of charges of the flask with medicine and other flasks by one point will be increased.

Where to look for Gourd Seed:

  1. Ashina Outskirts. Kill General Naomori Kawarada, who is in the courtyard behind the idol Gate Path. You also get beads.
  2. Ashina Outskirts. Kill the Chained Ogre, climb into the building and go to the left room where the seed is.
  3. Ashina Outskirts. Kill the main boss Gyoubu Oniwa, find the staircase on the side and climb it. Turn the corner to the right, then to the left, and climb the other steps to the merchant's tent. You can buy Gourd Seed for 1000 sen.
  4. Hirata Estate. At this location, we did not find Gourd Seed.
  5. Ashina Castle. From the idol Ashin Castle go to the alley on the right, jump over the rooftops and get to the highest building. Go around to the left to find an open window on the back and get inside. In this room, there will be a new idol, and on the right - a chest with Gourd Seed.
  6. Ashina Castle. Go up the steps from the idol Ashin Castle, kill the mini-boss and four riflemen and turn right. Before you jump down, look there and see a narrow alley with a man. Talk to him. He will ask to kill opponents nearby. By doing this, go back and chat with a man. After a while, follow to the ruined temple and to the left of the entrance, you will find a man by the rock. He will sell various items, including Gourd Seed for 2000 sen.
  7. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo. Once on this location, go down the street, kill the monks, until you find yourself at the closed gate. At the top there is a hole through which you will get inside. Go to the room with three monks praying. Kill them; take the Gourd Seed, which lies before the Immortal.
  8. Sunken Valley. Under-Shrine Valley. From this idol, jump down and grab the ledge with a single rifleman. Climb to the branch above, jump to another with another rifleman and climb up the wall on the left side. Now there are 2 rifleman on different platforms. Climb to the top and under the small roof you will find two objects. One of them is Gourd Seed.
  9. Ashina Depths. Mibu village. From this idol, you go to the village and look for Gourd Seed under a huge tree with white leaves. There will be a lot of opponents. The tree stands out from other plants.



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