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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – FAQ (Full Version)

Answers to frequently asked questions about the game. Check them out if you run into problems. Ask any other questions in the comments!

How to beat the Blazing Bull in Sekiro

You meet Blazing Bull on the way from the gates of Ashina Castle to the Castle itself after the destruction of boss Gyoubu Oniwa. To kill him, you have to deal two deadly blows.

By the way, you will see one more bull behind the wall of the Mibu Village in the Fountainhead Palace. Walk through the mansion, turn around and see a place for the hook for the roof. The yard is closed, so you can get there only in this way. The tactics are similar.

Try to attack on the head, because the damage will be higher. On the other hand, it is best to dodge, chase the bull and strike some blows on his back. Try to force the bull into a corner so that it does not run from one end to the other. Dodge and strike some blows, including on the head.

Another good tool is the Robert's Firecracker' Prosthetic.

How to beat the General Tenzen Yamauchi in Sekiro

You will find the General Tenzen Yamauchi after the Outskirts Wall - Stairway Sculptor's Idol in Ashina Outskirts. This is the mini-boss. To kill him, you have to deal two deadly blows. Dodge and jump, strike one or two blows at a time.

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How to kill Shinobi Hunter in Sekiro

You will meet the Hunter in the Hirata Estate on the way to the Bamboo Thicket Slope Sculptor's Idol. You have to kill him. From the hunter falls the Hidden Temple Key (leading to Mrs. Butterfly). Try to secretly kill the remaining enemies, run away from the boss so that he will lose you, get close to him from behind and deliver a safe death blow. Dodge twice to be behind the enemy and attack him from back. Repeat the procedure.

How to beat a Juzou the Drunkard in Sekiro

Juzou the Drunkard is mini-boss, located in front of the entrance to the main building of the Hirata Estate. There, you will find a warrior who can help in battle. Do not rush to talk to him, but instead clear the location from a few simple opponents in stealth mode. Throw clay splinters, distract opponents.

How to improve the prosthetic in Sekiro

The prosthetic is a special weapon available to Wolf, the main character of the game. To use a variety of tools, you must find items. Sculptor's Idol from a Dilapidated Temple can install prosthetic. There are 10 items in total, and we described in detail the location of each of them in other guide.

To improve prosthetic, you will need to collect some materials or find special items drops out of bosses and mini-bosses. Click on the improvement by selecting the corresponding item in the conversation with the Sculptor Idol, and on the right you will see a list of the required materials. You can switch to other windows to see the names of these materials. Some materials like lapis lazuli are rare, so you will be able to find them near the end of the game when performing optional actions (for example, kill optional bosses).

How to dive in the water in Sekiro

To dive under the water, you must get the appropriate passive skill. To do this, kill the ghost of the Corrupted Monk at the end of the Ashina Depths, beyond the Miba Village.

How to open Ninjutsu in Sekiro

The game has three Ninjutsu techniques. We described in detail how to open them, in a separate article. Here we list briefly:

  1. The first technique will appear after the killing of Genichiro Ashina in the Ashina Castle.
  2. The second technique - after you catch the four monkeys at the end of the SENPOU TEMPLE.
  3. The third technique is the most difficult. To get it, kill the Guardian Ape, go further along the game and then return to the Sculptor idol Ashina Depths and jump down to the poisoned puddles. Go to the passage on the right to find a spacious cave with a monkey without a head. Defeat her with three deadly blows. When monkey lies, make a fourth blow to earn the technique itself. Before that you will be given two beads and a memory.

How to beat Great Serpent in Sekiro

This Serpent is in the Ashina Outskirts. Jump over to the other side of the branch and jump down, hide in the grass. Wait for the serpent to turn away again, and jump to the other side. Enter the cave and hide in the other grass. Move forward, press against the wall and move to the right side of the cliff. Hide inside a small stall and wait for the snake to come closer. Hit it in the eye when a red dot appears. Then quickly run to the exit of the cave.

How to get to the Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongoin in Sekiro

To get to the Temple, you have two routes. The first method allows you to get into the secret area with a Demon Bell and a White Pinwheel, which is necessary at the side request of Kotaro, who is sitting at the beginning of the location. To do this, you go where you fought with the Chained Ogre. Pass into the courtyard, where there was or still is a warlord. Exit the courtyard through the open gate on the right to see a dilapidated building at the edge of the cliff. It will be a note with a warning.

Jump to the other side, turn around and jump down along the mountain to cling to the ledge. Climb to the left until you find yourself at the cave. Go inside and find the Headless. Kill him is optional. Go around the enemy to see the hole in the wall. Crouch, get in the corridor. At the end of it will be a wooden wall with a silhouette of a man. Cuddle up to it, so it will turn around, and you were on the other side.

The second way to the temple is through an Abandoned Dungeon. Go to the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance idol from the side of Ashina Castle (you need to jump from the bridge to the right of the idol of the same name, walk differently and climb over the wall). Inside you will find a man in a white coat who is looking for a strong man. Go down into the water and swim underwater at a depth, turn to the right. Get to the surface, kill the enemies and find a room with a wooden wheel. Pull the lever to the elevator, which will take you to the top of the Senpou Temple.

How to beat Headless in Sekiro


There are five Headless in the game. You will need to spend emblems of souls.

To defeat such an enemy, divine confetti and sedative are needed. Confetti is in the Hirata Estate, from the samurai in blue clothes. You can rest at the idol and collect the necessary amount of confetti, kill the enemies again. There is a sedative next to a Blazing bull, in the location on the left. Use the two items in front of the Headless. The first will allow damage to the enemy; the second will increase the resistance to fear. Dodge attacks and counterattack. Do not let concentration fall.

How to catch monkeys in Sekiro

There is a secret hall with an altar at the end of the Sempou Temple. If you killed Genichiro, then when you activate the bell at the altar you will find yourself in the Halls of Illusion. Here you will need to catch four monkeys, and one of them is invisible.

Just chase them, act covertly, and kill. Predict the movement of monkeys to stay ahead of them and attack. To defeat an invisible monkey, at the very beginning of the level, go a little ahead, turn around and hit where you stood. She is chasing you. If you have already left there, then you can activate the bell from the inventory to return to the beginning.

How to collect money / How to raise money in Sekiro

To collect money, hold down the interaction key - E, stand a few steps away from the enemy's corpse.

How to get to the cave in the Sunken valley in Sekiro

Surely we are talking about a cave in which the Serpent is hiding. To do this, follow to the Bodhisattva Valley Idol, which is on a hill in front of the valley, where you fight with the Guarded Ape. Turn around and see the old woman. Jump down to another valley with poisonous puddles, cling to the branches. Walk ahead and on the right you will see the merchant's tent and the cave entrance with a snake.

What will happen if you defeat the first boss in Sekiro

There will be nothing. Genichiro will still cut off Sekiro's hand, because he will be distracted by Hiding Owl. He tried to use this very method at the end of the game, when we chose his side and Emma appeared.

What will happen if you collect a dragon mask / Why do you need a dragon mask in Sekiro

In total there are three parts of the mask, which are stored at different merchants. If you collect a whole mask, then the Sculptor idol will have a new item that allows you to exchange skill points for improving Attack Power.

Where to find all prosthetic in Sekiro

We described in more detail about all ten prosthetic in a separate guide. Read the list at the beginning of the article.

Where to find rats in Sekiro

The rat will ask you to find Tengu of Ashina, whom you will meet up the stairs from the battlefield against Gobu Masataka Oniva. Return to the Ashina Castle Gate Idol in Ashina Outskirts, go through the gate and climb the hill to the right to find three dwarfs. Another is hiding behind a stone, but it would not seem necessary to kill him. Return to Tengu to get a reward.

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