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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – FAQ (Full Version)

Where to find Isshin Ashina in Sekiro

Isshin Ashina is located in a nearby building from the upper tower of Ashina Castle, where Mr. Kuro is located. Go through the window from the Kuro room and look to the right. Move to the next building on the fence and get into Isshin's room.

Where to find the ax in Sekiro

Shinobi Axe of the Monkey - a new tool for the prosthetic. Move through the Hirata Estate, you will find a courtyard with a fire. In it, by the way, the flame vent is hidden. Go ahead and meet a wounded man who tells behind the ax. On the next street, turn left and left again into the courtyard. In the closed house is hidden an ax.

Where to find the second sword in Sekiro

You will get the second sword after defeating Owl near the end of the game, if you choose the side of Kuro.

Where to find a flame vent / Where to find a flamethrower in Sekiro

The fire valve is hidden in the Hirata Estate. Pass along the bridge at the beginning, follow through several courtyards of the estate and in one of them you will see a fire. In it lies the subject.

 Where to find firecrackers in Sekiro

Robert Firecrackers can be bought from one of two traders. The first is located on the top of a mountain next to a woman who gives a bell on the Ashina Outskirts. The second is up the stairs and even higher up another round the corner from the battlefield against Gobu Masataka Oniva.

Where to find iron in Sekiro

Iron scattered throughout the game world. Be patient and you will find it or you can buy it from merchants.

Where to find the Corrupted Monk in Sekiro

Corrupted Monk is in Ashina Depths - Water Mill: At the very end of Mibu Village guarding entrance to the Wedding Cave. Defeat her, you can swim under water.

 Why do you need sake

Give Emma, Isshina Ashina and Sculptor Idol different bottles of sake to learn more about them.

Why do we need Water of Palace

The water of the Palace you are in the Fountainhead Palace. It must be passed to a mad old man in a locked building at the end of the Mibu Village of, on the way to the Corrupted Monk and the wedding cave. You can get into the house through a hole in the floor.

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