Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: How to get All the Endings
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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: How to get All Endings

In this guide, we will tell you how to get all the endings of the game. There are a total of four Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice endings. We describe in detail each ending of the game.

The ending Shura

It is the easiest way to get it. After defeating Guardian Ape and the purple glowing Corrupted Monk, follow back to Ashina Castle to meet Great Shinobi Owl on the roof. He will say that you must make a decision - to either obey him or Kuro. Choose Owl, fight in two matches and see the final.

The Ending Purification

After defeating the previously mentioned opponents, go back to the Ashina Castle and again meet Great Shinobi Owl. At this time, you need to choose the side of Kuro, which will lead to a battle against Owl.

Win, and then perform several actions:

  • Visit Isshun Ashina to hear his conversation with Emma. Go back to Kuro's room and chat with him on all topics. Take a break with any Sculptor idol and chat with Emma. Agree with her, then rest with the idol and again talk to Emma. Chat with Emma in Kuro's room. Tell about this Kuro. Rest, go behind the screen in Kuro's room and listen in on the boy. He should tell Emma to do as she should. If you hear another phrase, then repeat the conversation with each of the characters, relax and rehear.
  • As soon as this happens, rest at the Sculptor Idol, climb to the roof, where you fought with Owl, and meet Emma before going out. Talk to her, she will say that she needs time. Relax and talk again with Emma.
  • You leave from the Castle through the window in the Kuro’s room. Go down and again look for the window through which you first climbed into the Upper Tower. Jump up there; go to the room where you can go down. You will find yourself in a room with a Giant Serpent. You can kill him if you want, and then run through the side room to the street. Follow the only path until you find Old Grave Idol. Activate it, rest and go left to the graves. Chat with Emma.
  • Move to the Dilapidated Temple, go behind the building and listen in on Emma and Sculptor. Go inside and talk to Emma. Select the option to ask about what you overheard.
  • By doing this, you get a bell from Emma. Apply it to the Buddha inside the Dilapidated Temple where the Sculptor is.
  • Return to the Hirata Estate, go to place where Lady Butterfly was killed and defeat Owl again.

And then you need to obey order of Kuro. You must get frozen Dragon Tears. To do this, move to the Ashina Depths to the idol. Go inside cave and pray in a small booth in front. You will find yourself in the Palace.

Take the only route, kill the Nun and go down to the water. Dive under the water and swim to the rocks to the right. Under the water you will find a passage to the cave. Swim through it, hide from the huge Fish and swim to the surface at the other end of the cave. Climb up, activate the idol and enter the building. Run through the corridor on the right with monsters and open the door next to the chest. Outside, go up the branches; go up the stairs to the very top, and in a small cave. You can pray.

The battle with the ancient dragons will begin. Defeat them, and then fight with a huge dragon. You need to move through the trees and wait for one of them to glow and attack him. As soon as you stand on this tree, you can attack the dragon with lightning. Repeat the procedure. When the trees disappear, dodge monster attacks. In the end, the trees will reappear on the location, and you can deliver a powerful lightning strike. The dragon is stunned. Climb his sword and hit him on the head to get dragon tears.

You will automatically return to Mr. Kuro’s room. Talk to Emma. Isshun is dead. Select through the window, jump over the roofs of buildings and return to the Ashina Castle idol. Take the alley on the right, enter the building on the right and jump down. This will return to the Ashina Reservoir. You will know how to get to the secret door through which you passed at the beginning of the game. Go out on the field, fight with Genichiro Ashina and Isshin, and then interact with Kuro. Give him Dragon Tears and Flower. Sekiro will kill himself, but he will save the boy.

The ending Immortal Severance

To get this final, proceed in the same way as in the second ending Purification. But there is no need to return to the Hirata Estate. Just visit the Palace, collect the dragon's tears and defeat Genichiro Ashina and Isshin. You can only give Kuro dragon tears (there is no flower), in which case Sekiro will kill the boy.

The Ending Return

In a conversation with Owl again select the side of Kuro and defeat your mentor. The following actions will be similar to the Purification. But there is no need to go to the Hirata Estate.

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