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Shadow Fight 3: how to quickly make money in the game


In this guide we will see options for quickly earning game currency in one of the best mobile fighting games Shadow Fight 3. Also we'll tell you how quickly to collect the necessary number of maps for equipping the character.


Fight with real players, because there are no restrictions on holding duels. With each win, the gamer will receive not only coins, but also chests of various rarity with a set of maps for equipment or abilities of the character.

Daily tasks

Perform daily tasks to quickly earn the game currency (coins, precious stones). This method may give a lot of card packs of equipment or abilities for the rapid development of the character. Tasks are becoming open after some time after completion. If you do not like battles in real time - such quests are a good alternative to duels.

Free maps

Every four hours you can open a set of free cards of ordinary rarity (but sometimes you can get gold) by clicking on the corresponding icon in the right corner of the start screen. You can also get one bonus card when opening collections of free cards. You need to watch the commercial from the partners of the game (the time of the video is about thirty seconds).

Free content

Subscribe to YouTube, Twitter or FaceBook games to receive a one-time promotion from developers - five gems for each subscription. This method is available in the last, the lowest section of the "Store" tab.


Follow the game news so as not to miss active promotions on currency "precious stones.

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