Skill List of Devil Breaker in Devil May Cry 5
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Skill List of Devil Breaker in Devil May Cry 5

If you remember, Nero lost his demonic hand, but Nico invented a mechanical one for him, which is called Devil Breaker. At the same time you have access to several such hands. How to get each of them? - We will tell you in this guide.

All attacks by the Devil Breaker are reduced to pressing or holding a certain key. At the time of a simple attack, you do not consume a charge, but if you miss the damage, it will still be spent. If you use a charged attack, you will lose one of the charges of the Devil's Bite. In addition, you can throw away Devil Breaker so that it explodes and inflicts great damage on monsters. You can also carry only a limited number of these items. Initially, three Devil Breakers are available to you (at least in the demo version of the game): Overture, Punch Line and Gerbera.


Devil Breaker of average power, which can destroy weak opponents with one blow.

Skill "Battery"

Press the attack key to use an ordinary electric shock.

Overture Exploder

Press and hold the attack key, then release as soon as Nero’s hand starts to spark.

Punch Line

Powerful mechanical arm, whose action is based on reactive force, you can destroy enemies, fly around the battlefield, throw demons at the sky, etc.

Skill Jet Gadget

Hold down the attack key to fly into the air. You can launch a guided missile. And to saddle it, first press the attack key, and then hold it when it returns to you. Next, the rocket can be released or blown up. It does not damage you.

Skill Boost Knuckle

Hold the attack key, then release when your hand is sparking. You will release a powerful stream of energy that can stun the most powerful opponents.


Allows you to maneuver in the air and destroy enemies with powerful energy rays. That's good for the destruction of strong flying demons.

Skill "Jocky"

Press the attack key to do normal shock damage. The wave propagates forward in front of Nero. In addition to stunning enemies, you can repel their shells. Together with another key, the shock wave can be used to push away when moving.

Skill Stamen Ray/ Petal Ray

Hold down the attack key and then release when your hand is sparkling. A powerful ray from stamens will appear on the ground, while a ray of petals is formed in the air. All rays will be reflected from the walls and the floor.


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