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Subnautica – construction of the base

Subnautica - construction of the base

We are talking about the construction of a base in Subnautica.

Bases perform many functions. You can grow plants and some species of animals. They can be used as shelters in distant biomes. Also you can create vehicles.

First of all, you will need to create a special tool in the manufacturer - the Builder. The following subjects will be required:

  • Set of wires. It is made from two pieces of silver, which is the easiest to get from sandstones in small caves in a safe biome.
  • Computer chip. Samples of coral plates are extracted from the corresponding object, which is easy to find. Gold is mined in sandstone, and copper for wire is in limestone.
  • Battery. All resources are easy to find in a safe biome near the capsule.

After you create a Builder, you can start building your base. Take it in your hand and click on the RMB to open the menu of available drawings. At first they will not be much. Explore the world and scan the debris to discover new drawings.

Selecting the desired object, you can put it where you want. Some objects can be rotated using the mouse wheel or square brackets. The base can be created both under water and above it. The deeper the base is, the less strength it has. Also it is necessary to be afraid of large predators; they can to damage the base.

Also, you need to create the energy sources for a variety of equipment on the base. There are following generators in the game.

The solar panel

It is the weakest generator, but it is the lightest in production. So you can compensate for the weakness of a large number. But the solar panel is effective on the surface and at a shallow depth. However, it does not work at night.


It generates energy from animals or plants. Depending on the type of organics, it will produce an appropriate amount of energy.

Thermal power plant

It produces energy from temperature. It is necessary that temperature must be 15 degrees of heat near the reactor. The higher the temperature is, the more efficient the power station is.

Nuclear reactor

It is the most efficient generator. But you need to create fuel rods, which will have to be replaced from time to time.

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