Swords & Souls - Neverseen:

Swords & Souls — Neverseen: Walkthrough

Complete the training system. Create a character and press what the game tells you. Buy a new weapon. Win the first location. After this, return to the city and enter the tavern. Chat with the innkeeper to start the first chapter.

Walkthrough Swords and Souls: Neverseen

Chapter 1. Brilliant Stone

Get through different levels, but if you lose, you return to the camp and practice. When you get all 3 medals in defense and melee, you will gain new skills. Be sure to open the tab with skills and put the points in the desired. For example, you can increase the number of blocks.

In each battle, you have of 2 charges for the block by default. The block is set by clamping LMB during the attack of the enemy. When at least one charge is spent, then recharging begins. An important point in the game is counterattacks. Each enemy attacks in different ways. If you place the block right before its strike, you will be able to make a counterattack.

In addition, you can do supercritical damage. If you see an “exclamation mark” icon on the screen during your attack, then click on the LMB. Damage will increase.

Do not forget to equip the best items that fall out of the chests, as well as periodically buy a new weapon from the blacksmith.

From the innovations of this chapter:

  1. Defeat a girl who demanded money, you can hire her.
  2. A museum will open. There is a mushroom. Feed its collected clover to get coins, experience points and characteristics.
  3. In the same museum at the top of the screen there is a button “Open cashier”. There you can invest money to have your share of the museum (every day).
  4. Try to discover all skills, including dexterity, witchcraft and ranged combat. Go through all the workouts. Remember that increasing your rank and unlocking new skills does not require you to work out correctly. Just give it more time, repeat time after time and gain the necessary experience.
  5. You can equip two rings at the same time.
  6. Do not forget to buy new weapons from the blacksmith and equip new items of clothing.
  7. Also rebuild the house to increase the amount of experience points gained.

At the end of the chapter you are waiting for a battle with the goblin. You can hire a girl from the tavern. By the way, do not rush to hire her if you are going to train. The fact is that after hiring, she will hold the next two fights, even if you are stronger than your opponent.

Chapter 2. Escape Pupsi

Salesmen will appear in this chapter. You can buy a flute and a book from one of them forever. Then read a book in a museum to find out which keys to press when playing the flute in order to lure a mosquito or mole to your side. You can buy elixirs from another vendor that restore health points, increase strength or protect against poison (relieving poisoning).


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