Walkthrough There The Light
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There The Light Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of the game There The Light quest with simple but interesting puzzles). The game was released on May 31, 2019.

How to solve riddles in To The Light


Go forward to the first room, and connect the dots as shown in the image above them. Thanks to this, you can click on the round button in front and go further.

 There The Light Walkthrough
There The Light Walkthrough

In the next room you will need to solve a similar puzzle, but there will be more points. Look for the answer in the screenshot below.

In the third hall there will already be two puzzles of this type. See screenshots below. Press the E key to move away from the plates with riddles.

Прохождение To The Light
There The Light Walkthrough

Finally, in the fourth hall you need to solve two riddles on the plates on the left and right, after which a hint will appear for the third. By doing this, you will complete the prologue of the game and proceed to a new chapter.


Navigate through the location and notice the two vertical plates with round buttons. Click on them. Each will light up two white dots. Go deep into the location. You will find two more such in a small room. Activate them so that a stand with a button appears. By clicking on it, you will see a secret picture.

Now go to the two large plates and rotate the symbols on them so as to connect the lines. There will be another stand. Click on the square button. Go to the same two plates on the other side and turn the round buttons, connecting the lines.

Прохождение To The Light
There The Light Walkthrough

Go back and open the door with a round button. There are riddles. Solve the puzzles and click the button. Climb the stairs to the left and enter the room ahead, pass along a wooden walkway. There will be a familiar puzzle on the wall to the left, but this time you must first turn the circles so as to direct the white line down and then right and up. After that, turn the middle circle to the top right and use it to fill all the lines with white.

Go to the far room and click on the round button of the vertical plate. Books with inscriptions will appear on the left and right. Go back to the passage, which was boarded up. This time you can go further.

Go down and solve four puzzles by connecting the dots on the boards, then click on the button. The chapter is completed.


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